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South Shore Pet Care Testimonials for Take the Lead: Offering Norwell pet sitting, Norwell dog walking, and professional Norwell pet sitters proudly serving South Shore, MA!

"Nancy took excellent care of our two very timid cats during my lenghty vacation. When we returned, they were definitely much calmer and less stressed than other times we've been away.  It was also great to know that Nancy was stopping by every couple of days to bring in the mail and check on the house in general.  I was very impressed with her professional and businesslike approach, she was very organized and asked all the right questions when we met before my trip - many of them things I would never have thought of.  Her caring attitude was most important - she took extra time to come by before we left and meet our cats, as well as get to know about their habits, favorite hiding places, etc.  During our trip she texted us to let us know everything was going well.  It gave us great peace of mind knowing Nancy had everything under control at home, and we will most definitely be utilizing her excellent services in the future!"
Anne, Cohasset

"Dearest Nancy, Thank you so much for taking care of Arial, comforting him and me.  You are the best pet care taker, and you make me feel so reassured and safe, knowing you will  be there for my cats.  Love & gratitude."
Katherine, Scituate

"Thanks for all your help.  It's a huge relief to know you are at the house every day.  I will speak for Noelle in thanking you, too!'
Jean, Cohasset

"Dear Nancy,  Now that I’m back and settled I wanted to take a minute to write you a bit of a note… Wow!  What a ton of snow! A thousand thanks for all of your effort to make sure that Sadie and Fat Tony remained safe – I feel really fortunate to have had you watching out for them.  I can only imagine what a drag it was for you to schlep through that god-awful weather on foot all the way to my house -  on foot no less!  I really appreciate your professionalism."
Chuck, Scituate

"Thank you so much for the great care you provide…Purg definitely loves you back and I appreciate the attention you give her. She has been purring and happy since I arrived at home."
Jim, Humarock

“Thank you for always going above and beyond for Roxie!"
Melissa, Scituate

"We cannot thank you enough for caring for our Fur-kids during our honeymoon. They were happy, relaxed and tired, which tells me that they felt right at home with you."
Jann, Scituate

"Nancy Pickwick, owner of Take the Lead Pet sitting Services first came into our lives about a month ago when I was to leave on a vacation and we met at my home to discuss her pet sitting services for my three cats. She encouraged me at the time to seek medical attention for my older Siamese Sammy, he was lethargic and weak, losing weight. Perhaps I was in denial, not my sweet Sammy, he couldn't be sick, he'll live forever. But she stressed the urgency and I brought him to the animal hospital. When it was discovered he had advanced kidney disease, I knew my time with him was limited and was instructed to give him fluids to provide quality of life. I canceled my vacation and spent as much time kissing, hugging and catering to Sam's every need as I could. I couldn't put the large needle into my frail little guy, so I asked if I could hire her to do this. As owner of her business, she could have recommended one of her staff do the job, but she graciously accepted my request, realizing how important continuity of care was for my pet. She recognized how fragile I was too, my heart breaking a little more each time I saw how he was failing. Nancy was great, gently and quickly gave him the injections every other day, and Sammy seem was d to prosper. She never made me feel weak or a failure for not being able to do it myself. Thanks to this angel in disguise I able to share some special time together with my little pal of 12 years giving him as much love and comfort as I could before he left me. I would hold him often or look into his eyes and tell him how much love and joy he brought me over the years. I'm thankful for that. He would look right back at me with those beautiful blue eyes as if he understood. This talented, gifted woman impressed me immediately with her kindness, compassion and love of animals. Her services go far beyond basic pet sitting. She will administer shots, medications and is even Reiki certified and has practiced on animals to provide them comfort. Having rescued 8 pets herself, she is a special human being and fierce animal advocate. I trusted her immediately with my pets and felt comfortable having her in my home without question. Turns out she was sent to us at a time when we really needed her strength and quick thinking in the face of a crisis. On the day Sammy died, Nancy happened to be over on her scheduled visit. When it became apparent he needed emergency attention, she reacted quickly and calmly and rushed him to the vets while I followed barely able to drive. This was above and beyond in so many ways. She held me and comforted me in the waiting room while they tried to save him. Sadly, we were not able to but if it wasn't for her being there that day, it would have been far more traumatic for both my sweet cat and myself. Death is never easy, a mystery we all must encounter first hand at some point. .And in the scheme of things, most humans outlast their pets. I miss my little companion more than words can say, he took a piece of my heart with him. He came into my life when I needed to be rescued as much as he did. Sammy taught me about unconditional love, loyalty and trust. We needed each other and built a 12 year relationship that never wavered. Every night for 12 years, other than when I took vacations, this sweet, gentle and beautiful cat slept right next to me. When I would hold him, he often looked right at me with such love and wisdom in his eyes, a connection I have never experienced with any other animal. Losing a loved one to sudden death, animal or human, is heart wrenching. I am deeply grateful Nancy was there to help us both in our time of need. See you on the Rainbow Bridge, Sammy, have fun until I get there!"
Gudrun, Pembroke

"I just wanted to thank you again for taking such good care of Belle while we were away. She was very happy to see us, and looks great. The texting worked out perfectly, and thank you for the pictures, too! It makes such a huge difference knowing Belle is in her home with you....since I am mildly obsessed!!! And Belle obviously loves you! Thanks a million!"
Margaret, Scituate

"Thank you so much! You are a life saver!"
Tamara, Scituate

"Nancy, we just returned from our trip and wanted to let you know that Linda did a terrific job. Everything was in perfect order and the pets were certainly fine. We are thrilled to find someone like her so I hope it will work out for future trips. Thanks again!"
Judy, Hanover

"Thanks for looking in on Fat Tony and Sadie last week. It’s so great having you available for them, thanks again!"
Chuck, Scituate

"Words cannot express how much I appreciate your talent and service. During these past few weeks your compassion and patience has meant miles for me as I transition through my life changes and the decision to keep Rogue. You have influenced my decision to keep the little man! Thank you sincerely."
Kathy, Norwell

"Just wanted to say how nice it was to come home from our trip to 2 happy dogs and a house that looked so tidy. Linda was great; she checked in with us during our vacation and even texted some pictures of the dogs. The house looked great when we got back. We are really happy with your service and I am sure will be contacting you again. Thanks to both you and Linda."
Annemarie, Norwell

"We couldn't be more pleased about your service and Hildie our Old English Bulldog has lost 20lbs! Thanks so much!"
Ralph & Heather, Scituate

"Thank you so much for taking care of Zooey & Zydeco. They must have really enjoyed themselves with you, they didn't eat our carpet while we were away!"
Kevin, Marshfield

"Thank you for taking such good care of our Tedy!"
Amy & Joe, Scituate

"Scuppers is doing so well and Chris & I couldn't be more pleased. You have been awesome. You are an angel! Thanks"
Suzanne & Chris, Scituate

"Thank you for taking such good care of Belle!"
Margaret & Chuck, Scituate

"It has been our pleasure to know you over the past few months. Always so positive it is very refreshing."
Tammy, Scituate

"Thanks for everything!"
Michelle & Rich, Scituate

"Thank you so much for taking care of my boys all year long!"
Lyn, Marshfield

"We weren't able to get away for a length of time as our Labradoodle was anxious in a boarding situation and would not eat. Now, thanks to "Take the Lead" and their wonderful caregivers we can get away on extended vacations knowing our dog is being loved and well cared for in a home environment similar to our own."
Ginny, Humarock

"Thank you! You are a huge relief to me when I am out of town!"
Jean, Cohasset

“Thanks for all you do for Dustin and us!"
Tammy, Scituate

“You did a great job! We will definitely call you again. Thanks!"
Amy & Blair, Norwell

“Thank you for all you do for our Farley!”
Kathy, Scituate

“Thank you for taking care of Max when I was away - and on such short notice. The pictures of him at your house, on the trail, and riding in the back seat of your car were a real treat! You take pet care to a new level! Thanks again!”
Alan, Spectacle Island

“We made it home it one piece last night to a happy and relaxed Simba! Thanks so much for taking care of our baby! Thanks too for taking care of the mail and dishes and all the extras! You definitely made our trip more fun by giving us the peace of mind that Simba was in good hands, having a vacation of his own.”
Erik, Norwell

“My daughter Hannah and I had a great backpacking trip in the white mountains this weekend, and couldn't have done it without you. Thanks for taking care of Sadie and Tony, it was really a big help. And thanks for closing the window over the computer, that's above and beyond.”
Chuck, Scituate

“Looks like you have new friends for life. It certainly makes me feel at ease that they're settling in nicely. Thank you for taking the time to send a picture while providing an update.”
David, Scituate

“Thank you so much again for taking such good care of Boo. We're so lucky to have found you and were so comforted to know that he would be well taken care of while we were away!”
Erika & Andrew, Scituate

“We just wanted to say thank you! Bandit & Darby seem really happy and it sounds like everything went so great. It's so nice knowing they have somewhere they can go now when we go on trips! Bandit loves to sleep like that so I know he was in heaven!”
Shanna & Joe, Hull

"We have been so impressed and so grateful for your wonderful dog care. From the moment we first spoke, you have been so accommodating, warm and professional. We thank you very much!"
Laura, Scituate

"Your service and flexibility have always been top and I’ve never hesitated to recommend you to anyone looking for a dog walking service."
Carol, Cohasset

"Just wanted to let you know we just got home. Everything is great- thank you SO much for all your help!!!”
Emily, Norwell

"I am immensely grateful to have found you. It makes me feel like I could be slightly more spontaneous with travel plans."
Best Regards, Ansley, Cohasset

“We hit the jackpot when we discovered Take the Lead and Nancy Pickwick to care for our two dogs when we cannot. Our cockers, Dexter and Chewbacca, are handfuls and can be persnickety. Nancy took the time on our first meeting to allow them both to become comfortable with her and to listen to all my over-the-top instructions. Take the Lead and Nancy have been there in emergency situations, on short notice and for long vacations. We are at ease knowing Nancy will be caring for our boys. I highly recommend Take the Lead for your pet care needs"
Kari & Thom, Rockland

"It is a pleasure to write a reference for Take The Lead Pet Care. Before I knew about Nancy’s services I had looked at most of the kennels and people on the South Shore involved in boarding animals. Although they were all appropriate they did not really meet my needs. I was going to be away for an extended period (45 days) and needed my two dogs to be with someone, in their home, who would care for them, provide them with nurturing and ensure their overall well-being. Once I met Nancy I knew I had found the right fit. The dogs took to her immediately. She is warm and sensitive to the dog’s needs, plays with them and walks them daily. During my absence we stayed in contact by phone and email and she sent me pictures of them. When I returned I found two happy and contented dogs who had been exceptionally well cared for. I would highly recommend Nancy as someone who can be trusted to care for the pets you love, as you would care for them yourself. Nancy would be the only person I would choose to care for my dogs again, whenever I have to be away."
Veronica, Hanover

"For most of this past year I have been lucky to have Take The Lead Pet Care looking after my three dogs and cat. This is the best pet service I have experienced in thirty years of pet ownership. Owner Nancy Pickwick is thoughtful, thorough, and loving. As a business woman she is organized, flexible and extremely reliable. She takes great care in finding the best person for the job. I trust her and her pet sitters completely, with my pets and in my house. You can't imagine what a relief it was to discover her service as I own two rescue dogs and an elderly dog and cat and I will not board them. For daily visits and extended stays this is the best pet sitting service around."
Cynthia, Scituate

“Nancy was recommended to us by the Scituate Animal Shelter after we adopted our cat, Harry. The director of the shelter had raving reviews based on her own experiences with Nancy as a pet caregiver. Initially, we asked Nancy to look after Harry while we were on vacation. During this time, our boiler went out. Nancy called us to let us know and then went back to our house to reset the heating system. Such attentive care is hard to find. We now have Nancy come by to walk our dogs when we aren't able.”
Misko & Erica, Marshfield

"We rescued a young dog from the South, sight unseen, and then needed to find someone to walk her during the days we're at work. We would referred to Nancy through a friend, and from the moment our new dog met her, I was certain we had found the right person. Rescue dogs can be a bit quirky, and Nancy understood this right away - our dog is a love, but certainly quirky! From the first day Nancy walked her, we felt completely comfortable leaving her, knowing she would be in great and caring hands on her walks with Nancy. Our dog became more socialized on her walks with Nancy and her dog Jada, and this helped is enormously. Nancy truly has a caring spirit and loves the pets in her care, we are so lucky to have found her, and so lucky that each day that our dog gets extra hugs and kisses from someone like her!"
Margaret, Scituate

"I have two, 12 and a half year old golden/shepherd mixes, and my only concern about having them stay with Nancy is that they may not want to come home because she may treat them better than I do! She is very responsible, detail oriented with regards to my dogs' specific needs, and I would gladly have her care for them anytime I might go away. I've also since learned that at least one of my clients has used Nancy several times now as well, and they are pleased. A couple years ago, Nancy gave up her sales & marketing career because she wanted to pursue something she is truly passionate about - her love for animals. It is because she has such a big heart and has made the pursuit of animal care and animal well-being pretty much her entire life that I feel so fortunate to have met her. But it isn't just all business for her, either - she volunteers at a shelter and fosters animals that need a temporary home. The best thing that can be said about it and what we pet owners want to hear is that her heart is in it. She spends her days and nights surrounded by animals...and can't get enough of them. She is the ultimate pet sitter! Coincidentally, a client of mine in Norwell uses Nancy’s services also to look after their puppy, a Bernese Mountain dog...I spoke with them just a couple weeks ago and they had great things to say about her as well. So not only do I feel comfortable with Nancy, but I also know other people who do as well..."
Mike, Duxbury

"Nancy is one of the kindest people I know. I have trusted my dog, cat, and chickens to her care and she has shown to far exceed my expectations of attention to each life. I know I feel confident when I go away as my animals are in excellent hands."
Angela, Norwell

"Nancy is a wonderful, conscientious, well educated, caring person who adores animals. She volunteers at Scituate’s Humane Society and has taken care of my dog, Chloe. Chloe is a Golden-doodle who can be a handful because, at not yet two years old, she is very exuberant. Nancy keeps Chloe under control and is very loving. Nancy has four cats of her own as well as Chloe’s good canine friend, Jada. All of Nancy’s animals are well cared for and get the best care anyone would wish for their pet. I think you will be extremely happy that you have chosen Nancy to care for your pets. She is a person of high integrity."
Jeannie, Scituate

"We have a very spoiled cat named Whiskey who we worried about leaving with someone she didn't know. Nancy hadn't been at our house two minutes and I think we could have packed our bags and moved and Whiskey wouldn't have cared! Nancy is the best - dependable, professional and an absolute animal person. We don’t even think twice about going away now."
Alice, Scituate

"Thank you so much for the excellent care you provided for Yankee, Salem, Lightning, Shadow and Padmay while we were traveling over the holidays. We came home to a happy family of pets whom were obviously given lots of love and attention. Sometimes after a vacation we come home to evidence of anxiety (Salem chews paper), and Yankee looks like she lost her best friend, but not this time, everyone was surprisingly normal. We really love our little animal gang and having someone like you available to take care of them while we are away is a great feeling. Thank you again! Peace."
Christine, Scituate

"Nancy, being with you and Jada was the closest thing to being at home for Sally! She had friendship, companionship, a beautiful yard to "sun" herself, a comfy bed and obviously a lot of attention and love! Thank you for welcoming Sally into your home and heart. With gratitude."
Jo-Ann, Hingham

"I had Nancy take care of my cat for two weeks while I was on vacation and she did a fantastic job. I was extremely impressed with her organization skills when she came for the initial visit. This, in combination with her friendly personality, made me quite comfortable leaving my cat in her care. I’ve had other pet-sitters in the past, but they don’t even compare to the care and professionalism that Nancy displayed. Take the Lead comes highly recommended from this customer!  Best regards."
Gillian, Hingham

"I would like to share my experience with Take The Lead Pet Care. Your add says it all!  They make pet care uncomplicated. Nancy walks our Yorkshire Terrier “Mattie” daily during the week while we are at work. Aside from our regular schedule, we have had some unexpected situations arise and needed Nancy’s service. She’s been terrific with accommodating us and there has never been a problem. Just recently the family went on a vacation for 8 days out of the country. I was somewhat reluctant to leave a young dog (8 months), but it worked out perfectly. She was wonderful with Mattie and I know Mattie enjoyed her stay also. Nancy is wonderful with animals and her pleasant and calm demeanor is received by the animals in a such positive manner. I don’t know what we would do without her. She has certainly made our lives so much easier."
Joanne, Scituate


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