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Make Your Pet a Thanksgiving Plate

Friday, November 18th, 2016

thanksgiving-leftoversWe are all probably very familiar with the foods our pets should NOT have over the holiday season this week (and if you need a refresher, see our blog on it), but there are a list of foods our pets CAN enjoy from our Thanksgiving day table.


White, lean meat turkey is a delicious protein to share with our dogs and cats, if they will eat it.  Stick to lean white mean to avoid too much fat.  Trim away skin and excess fat before feeding.

Fresh Cranberry Sauce (NO SUGAR!)

Fresh cranberry sauce is an excellent source of antioxidants for us and our pets.  It can also help with urinary tract issues for both cats and dogs.  If you want to share cranberry sauce with your pets this holiday, be sure it is fresh and homemade with no sugar added.  Adding sugar to your recipe?  Set aside a small portion for furry family members before mixing in the other ingredients. (more…)

Thanksgiving Day Safety for Your Pets

Monday, November 3rd, 2014

It may seem silly to think that we need to be cautious about our pets’ safety on Thanksgiving. After all, what is there to fear? No fireworks, no trick-or-treaters coming to the door, no candy and chocolate around to be eaten. The danger lies in the food.

We’re all guilty of it – sneaking our pets scraps and leftovers from the table. Or even serving them their own Thanksgiving Day feast. But not all of the food on the table is safe to be served to our four-legged family members. Many of the foods can be toxic and even deadly!