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Hull Dog Walking: Dogs and Anxiety

Friday, November 16th, 2012

We talk a lot here about how dogs become nervous, anxious, and stressed out when they’re left alone, and what we, as responsible pet owners, can do to help our dogs experience less anxiety. Working with a Hull dog walker, for example, to ensure your dog gets socialization and exercise is one method. Choosing in home pet sitting in Hull so you know your dog is cared for when you travel is another method.

But let’s do something different today, and talk about how time spent with your dog can help you alleviate your anxiety. Let’s be real here – one quick glimpse at the headlines is enough to make most of us feel more than a little anxious. Just like that stress and tension isn’t healthy for your dog, it’s not healthy for you, either.  There are negative physical and emotional health consequences associated with too much stress.

Luckily, spending time with a dog is a proven stress-buster.  There’s more than 25 years worth of research linking the companionship of a dog with lower anxiety levels. Something as simple as sitting on the porch with your basset hound, watching the world go by, can have a profound impact on your mental state. Getting out and about with your dog – whether it’s a leisurely stroll to the corner store, or a vigorous trek through the whole neighborhood – boosts your cardiovascular rate, increases energy levels, and is an all natural way to counter mild effects of depression.

If watching the evening news is sending your blood pressure spiraling, spend some time with your dog. Co-workers making you nuts? Tell your dog all about it – they’ll listen without judgement, and you can rest assured they’ll never share what you said. Some researchers believe that the simple act of telling someone – anyone – about what’s bothering you is among the best ways to significantly reduce stress levels. Keeping all of your worries and anxieties bottled up inside of you is bad for you. Your dog loves to spend time with you, and they’re the world’s best listeners.