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What Are the Most Common Cat Illnesses?

Monday, September 18th, 2017

Cats and dogs differ so greatly that they don’t even share some of the same ailments and sicknesses.  Did you know that cats suffer with viruses and diseases that dogs cannot contract?  Even for the illnesses that dogs and cats do share, cats exhibit symptoms differently than their canine family members.  Cats really are their own unique creature and we are still learning more and more about them and their intricate systems.

Here, we break down the most common illnesses to plague cats, the signs and symptoms to watch out for, and how to keep your feline healthy from these sicknesses, and others. (more…)

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Did you know owning a cat can improve your health?

Thursday, August 17th, 2017

It’s true!  Sharing your life with a cat can also reduce your risk of heart attack by up to one-third!  Researchers at the University of Minnesota’s Stroke Institute have discovered the positive impact feline companionship has on people includes some serious cardiac benefits. If you have a heart, and you want to keep it healthy, stress management is very important. Here’s how to bring your cat into the picture:

Snuggle Time

Spending time simply petting your cat can drop your stress level. Researchers have found that blood pressure goes down after only a few minutes spent stroking a cat. It’s good for your cat, too – scientists have found that cats manufacture less of the stress hormone cortisol when they are petted regularly.

Talk Out Loud To Your Cat

If you’re stressing out over a situation, discuss it with your cat. They may not be able to reply to you, but you’ll still feel better. Behavioral researchers have found that vocalizing anxieties and concerns can help bring stress levels down. Ever hear the expression “Get things off your chest?” Talking to your cat is a safe and easy way to do that – and you never have to worry about any secrets being spilled!

Play Ball!

What is your cat’s favorite plaything? Most cats love chasing the laser pointer or batting a ball around long after they’ve grown out of kittenhood. When you’re super stressed, take five minutes out to play with the cat. It’s an instant mood booster that can revitalize and refresh your spirit. Neurohumorist Karyn Buxman is a strong advocate for the power of play. “When you spend time doing the things that make you happy, that give you joy, you’ll feel better. Play when you’re stressed out – that’s when you need the power of play the most!” Your cat will be happy too.

How to Enjoy Vet Visits with Your Cat (Yes, We’re Serious!)

Monday, March 13th, 2017

As humans owned by cats, we all know it does not take much to stress out our cats.  Leaving the house is one of those events that trigger stress, especially when it involves the vet office.  Some cats are so terrified of the vet’s office that they require sedation before even leaving the house!  It doesn’t have to be that way and we have the tips to make it easier for both of you!

Trust is one of the most important aspects of our relationships with our feline companions (more…)

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Positive Reinforcement: Cat Training that WORKS!

Monday, March 21st, 2016

CatTrainingIf you’ve owned and loved a cat in your lifetime, you know that “cat” and “training” rarely fit into the same sentence together.  Cats operate on their own system and code of ethics that we humans are still trying to figure out correctly.  So how do you prevent unwanted behaviors from your cat if they are seemingly un-trainable?  Experts and cat behaviorists believe they have found the trick – positive reinforcement.  Sound too easy?  It’s not! (more…)

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You Never Knew This About Your Cat

Friday, March 6th, 2015

We all love our cats and are well aware how vastly different they are from our dogs. They seem to operate on a different set of rules than our canine companions. Their strange antics make us wonder if they are secretly plotting our demise or a takeover of the free world some days. To confuse the understanding of your cat even further, we have some facts you probably never knew about your purring pal!


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