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Why Dogs Love to Burrow in Blankets

Most of us dog lovers enjoy seeing our dogs digging around in the covers looking for that perfect place to crawl into and go to sleep.  Or having a cuddle buddy in bed at night right under the blankets with you.  Other dog owners prefer to keep their pups out of the blankets and can’t figure out why burrowing is such a habit.  For everyone out there, here is the answer!

Dogs are den animals which means their instinct is to sleep or relax in a small, covered space such as a cave or other type of den that wild canines make into their homes.  Even though Rover is now domesticated and probably would look confused if put into a real den, he still has those instincts.  Small, tight spaces help to make your dog feel safe and secure.  You may find he does this more when he’s scared such as during a thunderstorm.  Being hidden by the blankets gives him that extra sense of security.

Other dogs burrow to sleep, to hide their toys and bones or just for fun.  Smaller dogs are usually prone to burrow more such as the Terriers, Chihuahuas and Hounds.  But bigger dogs are known to burrow as well, especially Huskies.  For Huskies, this is probably more instinct than anything else.  Having been used to work and live in bitterly cold temperatures for years and years, Huskies learned to burrow under the snow to help keep warm and go undetected by predators while they slept.

If your dog is known to burrow and you’re trying to keep your blankets free of his hair, try getting him his own large sized bed with his own blanket.  This will help to keep him off of yours but still give him a nice, comfortable, warm and safe place to cuddle up and blow some Z’s.