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Are Washing Your Pets’ Bowls Often Enough?


If you had to think about the last time your pet’s bowls were washed, it has been too long!   Even the bowls that are licked shiny after each meal have lingering bacteria (and worse!) growing all over them.  Do you know where all of that ends up?  In the digestive system of our pets!


You take a glass of water to bed.  In the morning, you rinse the glass and refill it.  Later in the day when the glass is low, you simply add some water from the spigot to refill the glass.  You got out for a few hours while the glass sits on the counter.  When you come home and are thirsty, you drink the tepid water from the day-old dirty glass that has been sitting out all day.  Not quite as thirst quenching as a cold glass of water out of a clear, clean glass, is it?  Now think what our dogs are drinking…

Taste aside, warm water is a breeding ground for bacteria, especially when mixed with the saliva from the mouth.  Algae colonies can even grow on the surface of the bowl!  And that’s just the water bowl!  Food bowls are covered in leftovers from their food which can quickly grow mold, bacteria and germs.

All of this is ingested and courses through our pets’ systems.  Bacteria and germs can lead to dental issues and gum disease as well as digestive problems and upset stomachs.  All from a dirty bowl!


Food bowls should be washed after each meal and water bowls once per day.  Using warm water and soap, scrub the entire surface and outside of the bowls.  If you have a dishwasher and the bowls are dishwasher safe, toss them in on the hottest setting for complete sanitation!

This goes for cats and dogs, too!  Many cat owners do not know this, but cats are very finicky about their water and drinking habits.  In the wild, felines are attracted to fresh, moving water such as streams and rivers.  Stationary water bowls we offer are quite different.  That is why cat fountains are a great way to encourage proper hydration.

Have a spare set of bowls for your pet so that you may switch them out as the others are being washed.  We wouldn’t want the furry ones to have to wait too long!

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