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Make Holiday Travel with Your Pet Stress FREE!

Gathering with friends and family is one of the best parts of the holiday season.  Sharing these moments with our pets makes the season even more enjoyable.  But before you pack the bags and hit the happy trail to Grandma’s house, preparing your pet for the holiday travel will make the trip peaceful and stress-free for the both of you!

First things first – the packing list! 

  • Do you have one ready for your pet?  Here’s a quick start guide:
  • Food and treats for the duration of the trip
  • Any medications, vitamins or supplements
  • Food & water bowls
  • Collars/harnesses, leashes and ID TAGS!
  • Health records and information, in case an emergency vet visit
  • Paper towels or old towels
  • Bed and/or favorite blanket
  • Plastic bags for clean-up
  • Current photos of your pet, in case they would go missing in an unfamiliar area

**TIP:  Pack extra food, treats, vitamins and supplements in case of an extended stay or emergency.
DON’T FORGET the can opener for canned foods!

Now that you’re packed, are you ready to hit the road? 

Whether you’ll be traveling for a few hours or a few days, you’ll want to plan out your trip properly.  This will allow you to pencil in time for potty and exercise breaks throughout the trip.  Dogs get bored and stiff in the car, just like we do.  Plus, stopping to enjoy the scenery will make the trip even more exciting for both of you.

Are you staying with family, or will you be staying at a hotel?  Being one of the biggest traveling seasons, you’ll want to get a room booked right away that has pet friendly accommodations.  Read reviews and check their pet policies.  Some hotels include pricey fees for pets.  If you will be staying with friends/family, check that bringing your pet will be acceptable and that your pet will get along with any other animals or children present.

Is your pet good with traveling?  Does he get car sick?  Does he become anxious or nervous in new places?  There are natural options for car sickness such as slippery elm or lavender essential oils.  You’ll want to be sure your pet is comfortable with these before your trip.  If traveling is too much of a stress for your pet, it may be better for them to stay at home with a pet sitter.

Pre-planning for your holiday travels can make the entire process easier and stress-free for you and your pets, whether they stay at home or join you on the trip.