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Trade UNHEALTHY for CLEAN Treats Today!

One of the easiest ways to sneak in extra nutrients and vitamins to your dog’s diet is through treats.  Every dog loves a tasty snack outside of their normal meals, whether for rewards during training, a quick yummy bite, or as a recreational treat to keep them busy & work their minds.

What many of us dog parents may forget, or not be aware of, is that many store-bought treats are loaded with questionable ingredients and tainting your dog’s health.

Here, we take a look at the most common dog treats and how to trade them for healthier options!

Milk Bones/Biscuits   TRADE TO   Homemade Biscuits

Milk bones and other biscuits are usually loaded with grains, soy, corn and dyes to give the treats the signature pale red, brown or yellow coloring.  Grains, soy and corn are all filler ingredients, meaning they fill up your dog but do not add much, if any, nutritional value.

Instead, make a biscuit at home!  You’ll know exactly what the ingredients are and can tailor them to your dog’s specific likes and dislikes.  Use fresh produce like apples, blueberries, or sweet potatoes then mix in some yummy spices like cinnamon with almond or coconut flour and you’ve got a delicious, healthy foundation for a biscuit to make at home!

Rawhide   TRADE TO   Kong or Bento Ball

There is more and more information on the dangers of rawhide treats.  Because our pets cannot digest rawhide, they can cause intestinal blockages and choking hazards, not to mention the chemical-laded process in which these treats are made.  Rawhides are a no-no all around!

But rawhides are great to keep chewers busy, so now what do you feed?

Kongs or Bento Balls!  Stuff either of these with peanut butter, bananas, or homemade mix of your choice for hours of entertainment for your dog.  The tiny nubs on Bento Balls are great to clean teeth and massage gums, making these a treat with a dual purpose!

Dental Chews   TRADE TO   Veggies or Raw Bones

Many of the “dental” treats on the market do not live up to the teeth-cleansing claims listed on the bag or are not any good for our pets’ teeth at all!

Raw veggies such as carrots or celery sticks are excellent dental treats.  The gnawing and chewing act as scrubbers to their teeth.  Raw bones with marrow can get your pet’s chompers a new shiny gleam to them as well.  Remember to NEVER feed cooked bones and always supervise your pet while he enjoys these or any other bones in case of choking.

The bottom line is this … treats can still be “treats” even when, or ESPECIALLY when, they are healthy and YOU control the ingredients!  Make these simple swaps today to make another improvement in your dog’s diet.

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