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5 Unique Cat Toys Your Cat NEEDS Under the Tree!

Each of us who serve as staff to our cats know that they are hard to please when it comes to most things, but especially toys.

This holiday season, we want to be sure you can give your cat a toy he will be sure to find PURRfect!  And any of these 5 unique toys will deliver!


Do you have one of those cats who will do absolutely anything for food?  This toy is for them!  Catit Designs brings us a toy guaranteed to keep any food-driven feline busy for hours!  Fill with their favorite treat and watch them use strategy to reach their tasty reward!

Find it here on Amazon.


The best kind of toys are those that our pets can entertain themselves with.  This peek-a-boo toy runs on batteries to keep your cat busy chasing the mouse in and out of the hidey-holes while you get some work done!

Find it here on Amazon.


Nearly every cat loves to chase a laser dart and could probably hunt it across the living room floor (and walls) for hours.  The problem is that us humans lose interest just a bit sooner than that.  A solution has come – an automatic laser dart!  For real.

Find it here on Amazon.


This massage station has taken the scratcher to an entirely new level.  Fitted with rubber nubs and massaging tips, this toy is more of a relaxation station for your feline!

Find it here on Amazon.


Cats are intelligent and thrive on using their brains to solve problems, especially if those problems involve food rewards.  This treat maze includes a variety of different puzzles for your cat to solve in order to retrieve the treat.  Set it up and watch him learn!

Find it here on Amazon.

We’ve included links to all of these toys on Amazon so that you can order ASAP and get it in time to place under the tree!

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