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Plan a Getaway WITH Your Dog This Summer!

There is still plenty of summer left to sneak in a little vacation.  Get out that suitcase, pack up the car, grab the dog and GO!

Wait … grab the dog?

YES!  Take advantage of these tips and plan a vacation for just you and your dog before the summer gone!

“But, where will we go?”

With pet parents traveling with their furry companions more and more, there are few places you will find that don’t have a pet friendly hotel, B & B, or resort in the area.  Websites such as BringFido.com, OfficialPetHotels.com, and even popular travel sites such as Trivago or Expedia, list hotels by their pet accommodations.  Simply input a city and state and find a hotel perfect for you both!

Get out there!

Maybe you want to focus less on WHERE to go and more on WHAT to do.  If you have an energetic dog who loves the outdoors and just wants to go, go, GO, then choosing a vacation for his high-energy needs will be ideal.

Choose a local state park to explore for a few days.  These parks have miles and miles of hiking trails to explore on or off-leash.  Many of our state parks here in Massachusetts have miles of dog-friendly beaches to take a dip and cool off after hiking the trails.

But, if you want to explore some undiscovered territory, look to out-of-state, or even national, parks.  You can get a hotel nearby or check the website of the park where you are staying for camping or modern cabins to rent within the park.

Does your dog enjoy a more laid-back day?  Perhaps a road trip with some pit stops for sight-seeing is closer to your dog’s idea of a vacation.  Plan a trip with several stops along the way of places you’ve always wanted to visit and have your dog tag along.  Car rides are the best for most dogs, and what’s better than car rides day after day?!

Hit the water!

Dogs who love the water would be in dog heaven with a vacation centered around their favorite activity.  Many popular beaches have off-season times when they allow dogs full access to the beach.  If you don’t want to wait, you can find dog friendly areas on certain beaches where your pup can run off leash and enjoy the waves at his leisure.

Maybe your dog would enjoy being ON the water, rather than IN it.  Many dogs love to go boating, whether in a sail boat, yacht, or canoe.  Being with their human floating on the open water is pure bliss for our canine companions.  Remember to fit your dog with a life jacket when you’re farther from shore, in case of an emergency.

Whatever trip you take, ENJOY IT!

A short day trip or a week-long vacation can offer you the time to create, not only long lasting memories, but an even deeper bond between you and your dog this summer.  Don’t let another summer slip away when you could be living it up outdoors with the best friend us humans could ask for – our pets!

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