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Quick & Easy Pet First Aid Kit

Monday, May 23rd, 2016

Pet First Aid Kit

Whether you’re going on vacation with your pet or just taking a hike in the area, having a pet first aid kit handy can make an emergency easier to deal with!

The items in your pet first aid kit should include those practical items needed for an emergency, or for small injuries and occurrences.  Tweezers, for example, are crucial in removing a tick during a hike.  Or, can remove a splinter, piece of glass or other foreign object from a paw.

You should keep a pet first aid kit in the back or trunk of your car at all times.  It can be easily grabbed when you leave for a hike, or placed in your luggage for vacation.  Packing a mini kit for hiking packs allows you to have these items neatly packed and easy to carry while out in the wilderness.

Keep a blanket or sheet in the trunk of your car with the first aid kit.  This can be handy for carrying your pet, if needed, or covering their head to keep them calm during an emergency.  This is also helpful for any injured animals that you may find.

Along with an ice pack, keep a bottle of water and roll-up water bowl in your kit as well.  These items can save your dog’s life in the event of dehydration or overheating while out for a walk.  Remember to not let your dog drink too much too fast when overheating.  This can cause vomiting, further complicating the dehydration.

We never plan for an emergency to happen, which is why having a prepacked pet first aid kit can mean the difference between chaos and control in any situation.

Click photo to enlarge and start packing your kit today!

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Bath Time Nightmares No More!

Monday, May 23rd, 2016


Bath time is a serious bone of contention for the majority of pet parents.  Even dogs who love the water will cower in fear at the mention of the dreaded “bath” word.  Anytime our pets are afraid of something, we naturally want to show them that it is safe, and that’s exactly what we must do for bath time!  Sounds easier said than done, huh? (more…)

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How Do I Get My Dog to Enjoy Healthy Foods?

Monday, May 23rd, 2016


We’ve written many a blog post on the benefits of feeding healthy “human” foods to our pets, as well as how those foods can heal their bodies from the inside out.  All of that information will be useless if your pet won’t eat them, right?  Some pets can be extremely finicky when it comes to eating.  Others will gulp down whatever you put in front of them.  For the pet parents who struggle with picky eaters, we’ve got some easy tips to make your pet a bit more adventurous! (more…)

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