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Spring Into Action: Getting Your Dog Fit Again

Thursday, February 28th, 2013

It’s been a long, cold winter and any dog who can get away with it has spent that entire time curled up on the couch. Who can blame them? Winter in these parts is harsh! But too much inactivity isn’t good for our dogs. They pile on the pounds. Their cardiovascular system can get deconditioned, which results in lower energy levels and poor circulation. The impact of too much couch time can also be seen in your dog’s mood. They may seem lethargic, slow moving, and depressed.

Is your dog ready for a change? With the return of warmer temperatures, getting out for a good vigorous walk is one of the best ways to help your dog get back into shape. As your South Shore dog walker, we’re happy to help you out with this. Here’s how regular walks now will help your dog get happier and healthier:

Build Muscle Tone: We all need regular exercise to maintain muscle tone. When our dogs have been taking it easy – going absolutely no further than they need to do their business and that’s it! – muscle tone is lost. It’s not necessarily lost to a dramatic degree, but there is an impact. Regular walks with your South Shore dog walker rebuild that muscle tone naturally and gradually.

Boost Cardiovascular Strength: Healthy dogs have healthy hearts. There are two elements to heart health for dogs: a healthy diet and physical activity. We know you’re doing your best to make sure your dog has the best possible diet. We customize dog walks to meet your dog’s individual needs and fitness level, with the goal of helping them reach their peak fitness.

Mood Boost: Going for walks lets your dog experience sights and smells outside their normal routine. This provides valuable mental stimulation that gets your dog excited and energetic- it’s great for their mood.

Does Sharing Pictures of Your Pet On Social Media Put Them In Danger?

Thursday, February 21st, 2013

Did you know that over 250 million pictures are uploaded to Facebook every single day? Of that staggering number, a very large portion of images people post are of their pets. We love to show off our canine companions and feline friends.  But some home security experts suggest that criminals who make their money by snatching and selling valuable purebred animals are using social media sites like Facebook, Tumblr, and Instagram to identify likely targets.

How big of a threat does social media pose to our pet’s security? This is one instance where every pet owner is going to find their own comfort level. As your Hull pet sitter, I can tell you absolutely that there is nothing more important to local pet owners than the safety and security of their pets. If you’re worried that posting pictures on social media will put your pet in danger, you may choose not to share those images – or you can use Facebook’s security settings to limit access to those images to people you know and trust.

It’s important to maintain a sense of perspective here. Dog napping is not nearly as prevalent as sensationalistic headlines can lead you to believe. The American Kennel Club reported an increase in dog thefts of 49% – which works out to approximately 250 dogs stolen in a year. There are 78.2 million dogs in this country.  That works out to .00000003%. That’s not to say you shouldn’t worry – but it helps to know exactly how big a risk you’re worrying about!

Yorkies, Pomeranians, and other small breeds are the most commonly stolen dogs. This makes sense, because these dogs are small, easy to grab, and can be moved quickly and easily. Younger dogs are more desirably than older dogs. So if you’ve got a twelve year old Newfoundland, dog napping is probably not something you need to worry about!

Keeping Cats Healthy: Staying Warm in Winter

Wednesday, February 13th, 2013

As your Hanover dog walker, I see a lot of things when I’m walking around town. One of the things I see surprisingly often is cats.  Now, there is a long-standing debate about whether or not it’s a good idea to let your cat outdoors at all, but this post isn’t about that. This post is about the fact that if people do let their cats go outdoors, they need to keep an eye on the weather and exercise some common sense.

When the wind’s howling along full speed, the temperature outside can be well below zero some nights. This is not a good time to let the cat outside. Yes, cats have fur coats that help them to stay warm – but they’re not magical fur coats that can stand up to extreme weather. Like any animal, a cat can freeze to death! During snow, sleet, and freezing rain storms, keep your cats indoors.

It’s really important for all cats, those who go outdoors and those who stay in, that they maintain a consistent body temperature. It’s not good for a cat to get too chilled. Pay attention to where your cats are spending their time. Is it a warm, comfortable area? Never assume that just because a cat is hanging out in a particular place, that place is warm. At least one cat in this region has been known to favor sleeping on a windowsill that gets icy cold. During the coldest days, if you can, have your cat sleep someplace warmer.

Older cats, and cats that have health issues, may be more sensitive to the cold than their younger, healthier counterparts. You may notice they don’t want to move far from the heat source in the room: the warmth helps them stay comfortable and flexible. Of course snuggling with your cat is a great way to help them stay warm and happy too!

What Will Your Dog Do On Saturdays, Now That The Mailman Won’t Be Coming By?

Wednesday, February 6th, 2013

Did you hear the news that the US Post Office won’t be delivering letters on Saturdays anymore? It’s true. The cutback in services is designed to help control costs at the USPS, which has been struggling financially for many years. Package delivery will still be available on Saturdays. Will this change have an impact on your life? We don’t know the answer to that – but it may very well have an impact on your dog’s life.

Why is that? Well, many dog’s favorite sport is chasing the mailman! If the mailman comes one fewer day each week, that’s less exercise for your dog. Okay, we admit it, we’re kidding – it’s not good for your dog to chase the mailman, and our nation’s mail carriers need to be able to do their job without worrying about becoming a chew toy! But your dog does need regular exercise, 7 days a week.

That’s where Hanover dog walking service comes into the picture.  Because maybe your dog is ready, willing, and able to go for a walk seven days a week, and you’re just not, right now. There are many reasons why people hire a dog walker. Families with new babies can use an extra hand while they get used to having a new family member. Injuries can sideline you – have you ever tried to walk a hyper Collie while on crutches? Seriously Not Recommended. At this time of year, accountants and tax professionals are simply working too many hours to even think about walking the dog.

Your Hanover dog walker will make sure your dog gets the vigorous exercise they need to be happy and healthy. We cater our services individually to meet your dog’s needs – a sixteen year old bulldog needs a different type of walk than a six month old black lab! There are serious mental health benefits all dogs enjoy from regular walks: they experience less stress and anxiety, engage their curiosity, and boost their mood with regular walks.