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Hurricane Sandy And Your Pets: What You Need To Know

Monday, October 29th, 2012

Hurricane Sandy is coming. Although the eye of the storm is expected to hit slightly to the south of us, there’s no doubt that we’re going to be affected by this massive storm. In addition to heavy rains and high winds, there may be power outages that last for days.  Here are some dos and don’ts from your Hanover pet sitting service to keep your pets happy and healthy throughout the next few days:

Do: Stock up on pet food and any medicines your dogs or cats may take prior to the storm.  Ideally, you should have enough food and medication on hand for your animals for at least a week.

Don’t: Take any walks down to the shore ‘just to see how bad it is’.  It’s bad. You and your dog can watch the storm on television.  Going out in person during the high winds and heavy rains that precede the hurricane can be dangerous.

Do: Understand that different animals handle extreme weather in different ways. Cats and dogs may prefer to seek out a secluded hidey-hole within the house, or they may cling to your side throughout the storm. Remember that they are doing what they need to do to feel safe and secure. You should always know where your pets are, especially if there is a chance you may need to evacuate.

Don’t: Let your animals outside unattended at this time. If you experience flooding in your area, keep your animals indoors.  Flood waters are dangerous.  Your pets could easily be swept away by as little as six inches of running water. Flood water contains chemical waste, including contaminants like gasoline and sewage. Do not let your pets drink flood waters.  Do not let your pets play in flood waters. If your pet gets wet, clean them to the best of your ability and towel dry them thoroughly.

Pembroke Puppy Owners: Get Ready For Halloween

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012

Halloween can be a lot of spooky fun. There’s costumes, there’s candy, there’s decorations, and parties, and trick or treaters! Kids love Halloween, and it turns out lots of adults do as well. We spend almost as much celebrating Halloween as we do Christmas. But if you have a new puppy this year, you need to know that for young dogs, this holiday isn’t necessarily so awesome.

Keeping Your Puppy Happy and Healthy This Halloween

Puppies like a familiar routine. As your Pembroke puppy sitters, we know the reason so many owners appreciate in home pet sitting services is because puppies don’t necessarily tolerate change very well.  Having your house suddenly fill up with excited people in costume (especially those who are ten and under!) can be very disruptive for a puppy. If you’re planning a party, make sure your puppy is sequestered from all of the activity. They’ll appreciate a quiet place away from the excitement far more than they would enjoy being the center of attention.

On Halloween night, we open and shut our doors dozens of times to greet trick or treaters.  Be aware of where your puppy is! It only takes a moment for a puppy to dart out of the door into the street, and on a busy Halloween night, the risk of injury or loss is higher than average. Here in the South Shore area, it’s not unusual for many of us to walk our dogs in the early evening hours. Halloween is one time where deviating from routine might be a good idea.  Going for an earlier walk means you’ll miss the crowds, making the walk more fun and safer for your puppy. If you need dog walking services in Pembroke, let us know. We’re here to help!

Finally, Halloween treats and candy are not good for your puppy! Chocolate can make your puppy very, very sick. If you have to give them a treat for the holiday, choose a dog treat instead!

Keeping Your Dog Happy And Healthy This Fall

Wednesday, October 17th, 2012

The first silvery touches of frost have already arrived throughout the region. There’s no denying that fall is here to stay. How are you going to keep your dog or puppy happy and healthy now that colder weather has arrived?

We talked to your Hanover pet sitting service for insight and advice.  One thing that is important to remember is that even though your dog has a furry coat, they can still get cold.  All dogs need a way to get in out of the cold when they become chilled. When you’re outside with your dog, vigorous exercise is the best way to keep them (and you!) warm.

Hanover dog walking services are a great way for your dog to get the exercise they need to stay nice and healthy, even in the cooler temperatures.  Going for a walk with your Hanover dog walker will improve your dog’s cardiovascular health. They will build muscle tone. Being out in the cooler air will also promote your dog’s coat to come in thicker and fuller. Smaller breed dogs and dogs who don’t have particularly thick fur often benefit from wearing a protective jacket when the temperature drops.

Another important aspect of keeping your dog happy and healthy throughout the fall is to keep an eye on their diet. Be especially vigilant about Halloween candy.  Many dogs have a sweet tooth and will happily eat as much candy as you let them – and candy, especially chocolate candy, can be very bad for dogs. Too much can even be fatal!

If you need to travel, a Hanover pet sitter can watch over your dog while you’re on the road.  In-home pet sitting services ensure your dog receives the best in loving, nurturing care in the familiarity of their home setting.  This is great news for puppies and older dogs who may become anxious or upset when they’re boarded. Ready to learn more? Contact your Hanover pet sitter today for more information.

Hanover Pet Sitter for Multiple Pets

Thursday, October 11th, 2012

“I guess the typical family has 2 animals, maybe 3.” Linda laughed.  “Well, we’re definitely not typical!” A lifelong dog lover, Linda shared her home with 4 dogs for many years.  Then her Mother-in-Law joined the household, bringing along her Yorkie, Grace. “5 dogs,” Linda said, “is a lot of dogs.”

This became clear to Linda when she was trying to plan a family vacation. It can be difficult to find pet sitting services in Hanover if you have multiple pets. It can also be very expensive.  “Boarding one of the dogs at the vet was pretty pricey,” Linda said.  “If I had to pay that price for each of the 5 dogs, we wouldn’t have any money left to travel with!”

Pets Sitting in Hanover

As your Hanover pet sitting specialist, we’re thrilled to work with your multi-pet family. Whether you have several dogs, several cats, or a combination of cats and dogs, we provide comprehensive pets sitting services.

In home pets sitting is the most cost-effective option.  In home pets sitting means a member of our professional pet care team will check on, feed, water, and provide nurturing care for your pets in your own home. Remaining in the comfortable, familiar settings of their own home makes your vacation less stressful and anxiety-producing for your pets. This is an important consideration if you have older animals, or animals with a depressed immune system. These animals can react badly to stress, precipitating health challenges.

Keeping multiple pets happy and healthy is a balancing act. One area where it is difficult for multi-animal families to keep up with everything is making sure all of the animals get the appropriate levels of physical exercise.  If this is the case for your family, inquiry about Hanover dog walking services – we love to work with multi-dog families!