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Headed to the Super Bowl? A Guy’s Guide to Pembroke In-Home Pet Sitting

Sunday, January 8th, 2012

As these words were being written, the Saints just completed their first successful pass in their playoff game against the Detroit Lions.  It’s too early to tell, but one thing is certain: every player on the field wants, someday, to go to the Super Bowl.  Chances are you do too.  If you’re lucky enough to get tickets, there’s just one question to ask; who will watch your dog while you go to the game?

You can’t ask your friends.  Get real.  You have Super Bowl tickets and you’re not bringing them to the game? Ask them to watch your dog, and you’ll discover they’re more likely to shave your dog, dye him blue, and post the whole thing to YouTube.  Even your friends who aren’t football fanatics are still pretty likely to flake out on you, leaving your dog hungry, thirsty, and lonely.

You can’t do that to your dog! He’s your best bud.  We’re talking about the #1 source of unconditional love in your life. But you can’t bring your dog to the Super Bowl.  No dogs allowed – except for service dogs, but you knew that.  Chances are your dog wouldn’t really enjoy going to the game.  It’s going to be way too loud and crowded for most dogs. And while you might love the hot dog and beer menu, it’s really not a healthy choice for your dog.  But you don’t have to miss the game.

Pembroke in-home pet sitting is the answer.  A professional Pembroke in-home pet sitter comes right to your house to check on your dog while you’re away.  They’ll feed, water, and even exercise your dog.  This kind of attention is awesome for your dog’s physical and emotional health.  Because your dog is seeing the Pembroke pet sitter daily, they’ll experience less depression and anxiety. That means less destructive behavior and accidents in the house.  Whether you’re gone for an overnight trip or a week long vacation, hiring a Pembroke in home pet sitter to watch your dog is a good idea.  For a trip to the Super Bowl, it’s essential! You’ll be able to enjoy the game with confidence: TOUCHDOWN!