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2012 Resolutions To Make This Your Dog’s Best Year Ever

Saturday, December 31st, 2011

New Year’s is great! The start of a new calendar year is a wonderful opportunity to look at our lives, and our dog’s lives, and ask,  “What can I do to make these situations even better?” Something as simple as adding regular playtime with your puppy to your daily routine can have a powerful transformative effect on the life of your dog – and on you!

Making resolutions is easy. Following through on the promises we make to ourselves can be hard. When making resolutions, you increase  your chances of success by being realistic. Set goals and objectives that you have a reasonable chance of attaining.

Resolutions are promises we make to ourselves. It’s easier to keep those promises when we’re realistic about where we are.If you and  your dog have gotten into a couch-potato routine, resolving to run 6 marathons in the next 6 months is not realistic. Resolving to  take the dog for a walk 6 days a week means you’re making a promise you can actually keep.

Make sure you’re being realistic about your dog’s ability and fitness level as well. Every dog is different, and every situation is  different. If your dog is already fit and in great shape, you’re probably good to go. But if your dog isn’t in the best of health,  has gotten out of shape, or is simply older than they used to be, it’s a good idea to start slow. Talk to your vet about any health  concerns you may have.

With all that in mind, here are some resolutions you can use to make 2011 your dog’s best year ever:

I resolve to have more fun!

Life is short. Resolve to make the most of every minute by increasing the amount of fun you experience. What’s fun for a dog? Playtime,  of course: whether it’s tug-of-war, chase the Frisbee, or jumping into the pool, there’s nothing your dog loves more than playing with  you. Physical play lets your dog work their muscles and mind. They realize physical and emotional benefits from play.

Research has shown that play has some serious physical and emotional benefits for humans, too! Increased cardiovascular health, a boost  in mood, and stress reductions: just what the doctor orders. Best of all, since you’re actually having fun, you won’t even notice it’s  good for you!

I resolve to be more fit!

Who doesn’t need to eat better and exercise more? Increasing your physical activity is a great resolution for you and your dog. Take  the dog for a walk! You don’t need to go on a 3,500 mile hike: just check out what’s going on in the neighborhood. Once you’ve added a  walk to your daily routine, you’ll both come to enjoy it. And for those times when your schedule won’t allow you to take your dog for a  walk, don’t forget your local dog walking service. They can pinch-hit for you, keeping your dog’s spirit, morale, and fitness up until  you’re ready to start walking again. This will make it easier for you to keep your resolution!

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Marshfield: New Year’s Resolutions for Pet Owners!

Friday, December 30th, 2011

Can you believe it’s almost New Year’s Eve? 2011 has been an eventful year, no doubt about it.  From extreme weather events to economic upheaval, it hasn’t been an easy year for anyone.

Thank goodness for our pets! Our dogs and cats are the best source for unconditional love and support.  Is there anything better than a fun game of frisbee with the dog to destress after a tough day? Cuddling with the cat has proven stress-relief power.

There’s no doubt about it: our pets make our lives better.  What can we do for them? Here are some resolutions you can make to make 2012 your pet’s best year ever!

Whole Family Fitness: Marshfield Dog Walking Service

One of the most popular New Year’s resolutions is to get in shape.  We’re not the only ones who need to get off the couch and moving: our dogs need regular exercise too! Vigorous physical activity provides valuable health benefits to our dogs. They get a boost to their cardiovascular system, experience increased energy, and restore tone to muscles.  Marshfield dog walking also provides mental health benefits.  Increased energy, decreased anxiety and stress, and the companionship of your Marshfield dog walker help your dog get in shape – and stay that way!

Safety & Security: Marshfield In Home Pet Sitting

Do your plans for 2o12 include lots of travel? That’s great! Some dogs and cats aren’t the world’s best travelers – or you may be headed to a destination that’s not pet friendly.  In those cases, explore Marshfield in home pet sitting. Your dog or cat (or both!) can enjoy the comfort and security of their familiar surroundings, while you know that a professional Marshfield pet sitter is keeping an eye on the situation to make sure everyone is safe.  In home pet sitting is a cost-effective alternative to boarding your pet, and is the best choice for older dogs!

Cohasset Dog Walking: Make Fitness Easy!

Wednesday, December 28th, 2011

“We knew that getting the kids a dog for Christmas was going to mean changes for our whole family.” Tonya laughed.  “Of course they said they’ll be happy to feed the dog and walk the dog and clean up after the dog, but let’s get real.  They’re in school during the day, my husband and I are at work, and there’s this little dog who is home all alone.”

Dog training experts agree: it is the earliest days of a dog’s life that have the largest impact on a dog’s personality and disposition.  Tonya and her family wanted to be proactive, and give their new puppy, Snuggles, every opportunity to be a happy, healthy dog.

“That’s why we hired a Cohasset dog walker,” Tonya explained.  “Every day Snuggles gets a chance to be out of the house.  They go all around the neighborhood.” Regular exercise helps Snuggles use up some of that puppy energy.  That’s not the only benefit of Cohasset dog walking.

“I think it does him good to see someone during the day.  He’s not left alone for hours and hours.”  Cohasset dog walking helps alleviate the feelings of abandonment young dogs and puppies may feel when they’re left alone.  This decreases anxiety and stress, which often manifests as destructive behavior.  If you don’t want your puppy to chew the furniture, scratch at doors and walls, or tear up your house, a two-pronged approach is ideal.  Training is great; having your Cohasset professional dog walker provides the mental stimulation and emotional support young dogs need to feel confident and secure.

“On the weekends, the kids love walking Snuggles.  He’s learned a lot in such a short time from our Cohasset dog walker.  He knows how to behave on his leash now – at least most of the time! And he’s even shown us some routes around the neighborhood we didn’t know before.”

Scituate Pet Sitting: When You Have To Travel

Monday, December 26th, 2011

“My boss is pretty understanding most of the time,” said M, a Scituate area resident who prefers to remain mostly anonymous for this story.  “But she’s not going to let me get out of a major conference just because I’m worried about my cat.”

M’s cat, Taffy, was pregnant.  “I’d never intended for her to go outside,” M. said.  “But these things happen, and sometimes they happen before you can get your cat fixed. She’d never had kittens before, and I was really worried about how she’d handle things when I was away.”

M. called her Scituate Pet Sitter.  “Having someone come in to keep an eye on the situation was a big comfort.  I’d called around for pet boarding, but no one wanted to deal with a pregnant cat – and the prices for pet boarding in this area are astronomical.  In-home pet sitting in Scituate is the cost-effective alternative.  “I had the peace of mind of knowing someone was keeping an eye on Taffy!”

As it turns out, Taffy didn’t have her kittens until M. returned from her conference.  “I’d like to think she was waiting for me.  I’d never seen kittens being born before, and it was great to be able to be there for Taffy.” M. laughed.  “She was much calmer than I was!”

In home pet sitting can be the way to handle travel plans.  Not all animals travel well.  Pregnant animals are one example, as are dogs and cats that have health conditions.  Sometimes these animals don’t even like to be boarded.  They prefer the safety and security of their familiar home environment.  If that’s true for your cat or dog, consider Scituate in home pet boarding.

As for Taffy, “She’s taken to motherhood like a champ!”  M. has found homes for all of the kittens, once they’re old enough to leave home, and has made an appointment for Taffy to see the vet. “I don’t think we’ll be in this situation again – but I will definitely be traveling for work.  And when I do, I’ll call my Scituate in home pet sitter to take care of Taffy!”

Hull Dog Owners Bulletin: Thank Your Dog For Growling

Friday, December 9th, 2011

GrowlWhen you’re out walking your dog, how do you react when your dog growls at another dog, a jogger, or a nearby child? The immediate instinct may be to try to correct your dog’s behavior – but that immediate instinct may be wrong, according to this article by Leah Roberts: Thank Your Dog For Growling.

In this article, Ms. Roberts raises some really great points. What we may interpret as aggressive behavior – the growling, snarling, or raised hackles that occur when we’re walking our dog through the neighborhood – may be instead an indication that your dog is nervous or afraid.  A growl is how your dog lets you know that they’re really, really uncomfortable.

Rather than trying to eliminate the growls, perhaps we should learn to listen to them.  In the article, Ms. Roberts spoke about a dog who growled at children.  Children made this dog feel very uncomfortable and ill at ease.  When one got too close, after the growl response had been trained away, the dog did what it felt was its only option to protect itself and alleviate the fear – bite the child! This is not a situation anyone wants!

Whether you walk your dog yourself or hire a Hull area dog walker to walk  your dog for you, it’s a really good idea to be aware of your dog’s experience on the journey.  Walks are valuable training and socialization opportunities for your dog. That’s one of the benefits of regular dog walking service. Your dog receives emotional and intellectual stimulation from their journey. But we want these walks to be safe and bite-free.  That means working with a professional Hull dog walker who understands dog behavior, and puts the dog’s safety first and foremost.  Dogs don’t want to bite children.  Being aware of and responsive to their emotional needs can help prevent problems before they start!