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Holiday In Home Pet Sitting

Monday, October 31st, 2011

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The holiday season is here. Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and after that comes Christmas, Hannukah, and New Year’s Celebrations. The festive gatherings of family and friends can be great fun – but not necessarily for our pets, especially if travel is involved.

Here are some tips on how to make the holiday season stress free for your pet:

Designate A Safe Zone

Holiday gatherings can be tons of fun. However, many pets can become overwhelmed by even small gatherings of unfamiliar people. Add in children who may not know how to behave around animals, loud noises and strange smells and you can wind up with a stressed out pet. Cats will normally find their own place to hide out, but dogs might need a little help. If you’re hosting holiday gatherings at your home, designate a safe zone for your pet. This safe zone is a guest free area that serves as a quiet retreat for your dog. Make sure they have food, water, and somewhere to lie down and relax.

Keep An Eye on the Hors D’ouvres!

Holiday gatherings mean great food and drinks. Many of the special snacks we love to eat at this time of year aren’t healthy choices for dogs and cats. Chocolates can be poisonous, even in small amounts. Chicken wing bones, shish kabob skewers, and spare ribs can all pose choking hazards. Alcohol and animals just don’t mix. But our animals don’t know this. Sometimes they give into the temptation to sneak a taste or two of things they really shouldn’t eat. For their health and safety, make sure that all serving trays, platters and drinks are well out of reach of your animals. Remind your guests not to share people food with your pets.

Be Strategic About Socialization

During the holidays, our social calendars fill up. Parties, community gatherings, worship services, celebrations – should you bring your dog? It pays to be strategic when socializing with your pet. Not all gatherings are dog friendly. When in doubt, ask – it’s always easier not to bring your dog than to arrive and find out that your canine companion isn’t welcome. Be careful about overloading your pet’s social calendar. Dogs that are used to weekly gatherings in the park and the occasional visit to a friend’s home can be overwhelmed by a party-every-night schedule.

Choose In Home Pet Sitting

If you’re traveling during the holidays, consider in home pet sitting for your dog or cat. This spares them from congested roadways, crowded airports, and other anxiety-inducing locations. Instead, your dog or cat will be in their comfortable home environment, where all of their needs are met by a professional pet sitter. They’ll be having a good time at home while you’re having a good time on the road: in home pet sitting can be a gift for your dog and for you! In home pet sitting alleviates anxiety, reduces destructive behaviors, and helps keep your pet looking and feeling great.

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The Great Dog Detectives

Thursday, October 20th, 2011

Scarlet Bernice, Bloodhound #2Bloodhounds are fascinating dogs.  They have such a unique relationship with humanity. While other dogs were bred to provide companionship, guard the homestead or herd sheep, bloodhounds came into existence for a specific purpose: to track human beings and help solve crimes.

Police forces have used bloodhounds for years to track down felons and escaped convicts through even the roughest countryside.   If you like country music, check out Blake Shelton’s Old Red for a great song about a bloodhound.

Bloodhounds are also known to be exceptional hunting dogs. Francis Beaumont said, “Envy, like the worm, never runs but to the fairest fruit; like a cunning bloodhound, it singles out the fattest deer in the flock.” This quote illuminates the intelligent reputation of the bloodhound.  Couple those smarts with a nose that can pick up even the faintest scent, and you’ve got a hunting partner worthy of the name.

Of course, today most bloodhounds aren’t working as detectives, guards, or hunting.  They live leisurely lives as pets and companions. They love to go for long walks, play fetch, meander through the Marshfield woods – but what happens during the long, lonely hours when we’re at work?

Then, our dogs are alone.  Intelligent, active dogs like bloodhounds become easily bored.  Boredom can lead to feelings of depression and anxiety.  You can see destructive behaviors starting: a bloodhound who is determined to get out of the house and have some fun can do a lot of damage!

Hiring a Marshfield dog walker to take your bloodhound or other canine companion out for regular exercise is the answer.  By taking your dog for a vigorous walk, your dog experiences improved physical and mental health.  They get a great workout, and interacting with other dogs boosts their spirits.  Intellectual stimulation is provided by the sights and smells they see while they’re on the walk.

Hull Pet Sitting Bulletin: Brave Man Risks Hornets To Save Kittens

Monday, October 17th, 2011

Do you know who Jim Johnson is?  You might think he’s the famous football coach (and you’d be right!) but there’s another Jim Johnson.  We think this Jim Johnson is pretty heroic too.  According to this article, Johnson, a construction worker, noticed a nest of hornets stinging three baby kittens to death.  He knew he couldn’t let that happen, so this fearless man distracted the hornets. He was stung many times himself, but he got to rescue the kittens.  One of the kittens was so severely stung that it unfortunately died, but the other two have been saved, and are ready for their adoptive homes.

What would you do to save your pets from an emergency? Every cat owner wonders what they would do in the case of fire, flood, or other catastrophe.  Hornets, wasps, and bees aren’t normally threats to our pets, but when an animal winds up in the wrong place at the wrong time, they can wind up being stung.  Too many stings and catastrophe can result.

How do you keep your pets from getting themselves into trouble? Keeping an eye on cats and young kittens is essential, but sometimes we have to travel for work or family obligations.  In those instances, Hull in home pet sitting can be the answer. Your professional pet sitter will be there when you can’t be there yourself. They make sure your cat has food, water, and companionship.  They also make sure your cats are safely indoors, away from threats like wasps, bees, and hornets.

Kudos to Jim Johnson! The world would be a better place if there were more people who were willing to step up and do their part to save animals in peril.  Those kittens wouldn’t have had a chance against an angry hornet nest. Thank you for braving those sharp stingers to save those kitten’s life.

Cohasset: Overcoming the Fear of Dogs

Monday, October 10th, 2011

“You’d never know it know, but when Amber was a little girl, she was deathly afraid of dogs.  She hated dogs.  She’d scream bloody murder if she say a puppy.  Now?”  Morgan nodded toward the hammock, where her daughter snuggled with Felix, a tiny wiggly brown bundle of love.  “She’d bring home every dog in the world if I let her.”

Amber’s fear of dogs disappeared, her mother believes, due to the presence of a service dog in her classroom.  “One of Amber’s friends unfortunately developed epilepsy.  And now she has a dog, Shantee, that can sense when she’s about to have a seizure.  This dog was in the classroom everyday, so well behaved and properly trained, that it helped Amber relax and understand that there are good dogs in the world.

Cohasset Pet Sitting

While no one expects every dog in the world to have perfect manners all of the time, the truth is that well trained and well behaved dogs buy the other dogs in the world a little breathing room.  When dogs know how to behave themselves, from being around people without barking and biting, and get along with other dogs, they’re more pleasant creatures.

To learn how to get along with other dogs, dogs need socialization.  One thing we don’t really talk about enough is the fact that dogs are pack animals.  They are happiest when they see other dogs regularly.  Unfortunately, our solitary lives and demanding work schedules mean we don’t always have the time to make sure our dogs are adequately socialized.

Cohasset dog walking can provide a valuable social outlet for your dog.  During the walk, your dog will interact with other dogs – either dogs that are sharing the walk with him, or the dogs encountered along the way.  This provides valuable mental stimulation for your dog and is believed to be very positive for their emotional health.

What Type of Dog Is Best At Doing Tricks?

Friday, October 7th, 2011

Q: Is This Dog Cute or What?Part of the fun of having a dog is playing fun games with it.  Some dogs love to play Frisbee, while others live to swim.  Other dogs love to do tricks.  What types of dogs are most likely to enjoy doing tricks?

Generally, dogs that enjoy doing tricks are smart dogs.  It takes a certain amount of intelligence to balance a dog treat on your nose, wait for the command, flick the treat up in the air and then catch it in your mouth. If you think it’s easy, try it yourself one time.

People say the Border Collie is the smartest dog (and they do herd sheep, which is a pretty nifty trick!) Other family favorite dogs, including retrievers, rottweilers, dobermans,German shepherds and poodles are known for being intelligent.

These dogs may be the best at doing tricks.  Small dogs are also exceptionally smart and great at doing tricks.  That’s why you see circus performers with troupes of terriers and miniature poodles: they’re exceptional performers.

A dog doesn’t need to be a purebred to enjoy doing tricks.  Mixed breed dogs are just as smart, and enjoy the limelight just as much as their pedigreed counterparts!

Scituate Dog Training Trips: Dog Walking Service

Intelligent dogs need to keep their mind occupied.  If you have a smart dog, you know what happens when your dog gets bored.  They find ways to entertain themselves.  What entertains dogs?  Getting all the fluffy stuffing out of the couch cushions is pretty entertaining.  Racing around the house (knocking over lamps and furniture in the process) and jumping onto countertops (say goodbye to your dishes!) is tons of fun too.  And there’s always scratching, clawing, and chewing.

Our dogs get bored when they’re left alone.  It’s hard to blame them.  The house does get pretty empty when the family’s at work and school! One way to alleviate the boredom, keep your dog’s mind occupied, and stop destructive behavior is to use a Scituate dog walking service.  A dog walking service gets your active, intelligent dog out of the house.  They go for a brisk, energetic walk, taking in the sights, sounds, and smells.  This is great for your dog’s mental and physical health.