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South Shore In-Home Pet Sitting: How Severe Weather Can Impact Your Pets

Friday, September 30th, 2011

After the Hurricane: How Severe Weather Can Impact Your Pets

“If I hadn’t of seen it myself, I never would have believed it,” Wally said. He smiled down at his Cocker Spaniel, Maximus. “This little guy is 9 years old, you know! But that Hurricane Irene had him so whipped up that he was running from one end of the house to the other. He was practically climbing the walls!”

Hurricanes are loud, scary events for all of us – our dogs and cats included. The howling winds and driving rain can send a pet into sensory overload – and that’s before there’s any damage to the home. Pets that need to be evacuated from a home due to flooding, landslide, or other hurricane-related events can experience high levels of stress and anxiety.

Our pets love routine. Animals find great comfort in familiar surroundings and in knowing what to expect from their day. Think of the daily pattern of your life with your dog: the morning walk; they enjoy their breakfast while you have your coffee. Later, your South Shore dog walker takes them out for their exercise. After work, you come home to share a playful game of Frisbee before bedtime.

Hurricanes and other significant weather events can disrupt your pet’s normal routine. Maybe the family is home at times the house is normally empty. There may be levels of activity that your animals have never seen before. Think of it from their perspective: why in the world would all the people suddenly start pulling things from shelves and boxes and carrying them upstairs?

Animals may not understand the weather channel’s radar screens, but they often know when something’s up with the weather. The approach of a severe storm can trigger unusual behaviors in your pet. Some dogs try frantically to get outside, away from the house, while others seek shelter behind couches, under tables, and anywhere they may feel hidden. It is not unusual for even well-trained animals to have ‘accidents’ at this time: anxiety can make even adult dogs forget their training!

After the hurricane, it is essential for your pet’s emotional and physical health to return things to as normal of a routine as possible. For Maximus, that meant a return to his favorite napping spot: a pet bed in a sunny corner of the dining room. “We had a pretty significant leak near the windows, and there’s water damage,” Wally said, “but that doesn’t bother Max.”

What does bother Max is being left alone at home for any extended periods of time. “He is probably worried about another storm,” Wally said. “So we arranged for in-home pet sitting when the wife and I had to travel overnight.”

In home pet sitting involves a trained, professional pet sitter coming to spend time with and care for your pet in the comfort of your own home. This allows your pet to stay in familiar surroundings, reducing their stress and anxiety levels significantly. Your South Shore pet sitter will make sure your pet has food, water, and any needed medications. They’ll also walk your dog. Regular dog walking is great for your dog’s physical and emotional health. They get a great workout, socialization with other dogs, and mental stimulation.

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Pembroke Pet Sitters: Do It For the Children

Wednesday, September 28th, 2011

I thought something was up when Lacey, my daughter, didn’t want to go to a sleepover birthday party at her very best friend’s house.  And she seemed pretty anxious about a quick weekend trip we took last month.  But it wasn’t until I announced the plans for a week-long journey to Disneyland – news I thought she’d greet with open arms – only to have her burst immediately into inconsolable sobs that I knew for sure.

I asked her what was wrong.  It took a little coaxing and questioning, but finally the truth came out: Lacey was petrified that someone was going to ‘dognap’ her beloved dog Princess while we were away.  I can trace this fear pretty closely to a particular Disney movie that was in heavy rotation at our house (not that I’m naming names here, but 101 Dalmations, I’m looking at you!)

If you have kids, try considering the situation from their point of view.  They know they’d be terrified and scared if they were in the house alone, at night. Why would it be any different for their beloved dog or cat?  Being left alone for days and days doesn’t sound like fun to your kids. Maybe at first, but then the questions start. Who would take care of them? Who would make sure they have enough to eat? Who would play with them and make sure they were still cared about? Not abandoned, not forgotten?

To ease my daughter’s fears, I told her we would hire a pet sitter.  Pembroke pet sitters provide in-home pet sitting services. They come right to your house to check on your dog.  Princess would be fed, have fresh water, and most importantly of all, someone to give her the affection and companionship she was used to getting from Lacey. I explained that it was like having a baby sitter – not exactly the same as having Dad and I home, but almost. Lacey has stayed with a sitter before, so she understood, and her stress levels about going to Disney came down tremendously.

Hanover: Choosing the Right Cat Sitter

Thursday, September 22nd, 2011

“Blue Boy always knows when I’m going on a trip.  And believe me, he doesn’t like it!”  Laurie R, who lives in the Hanover area, threw her hands up.  “He always knows.  I used to try to hide it from him, but now I don’t even bother.  The last time I was packing, he got right into the suitcase – and if I hadn’t of been right there, he would have used it as a litter box!”

Blue Boy’s reaction may be on the extreme side, but the truth is that many cats don’t like being left alone for an extended period of time.  We think of cats as being more independent and solitary than dogs, and while that’s often true, the cats we share our lives with have grown accustomed to a certain level of companionship and affection.  Remove that abruptly and – well, let’s just say that when kitty’s not happy, nobody’s happy!

Hanover Cat Sitter

To combat the feelings of abandonment and resentment that lead many cats to engage in destructive behavior, hire a cat sitter.  A cat sitter makes sure your cat has food and water -absolute necessities for their continuing good health – as well as the affection and companionship a cat needs to maintain optimum emotional stability.

How do you find the best cat sitter in  Hanover? Many cat owners have learned the hard way not to trust family members or friends to look after their cats – people can and do forget, leaving you with a cat who’s thirsty, hungry, and really irritated. Instead, you want a professional cat sitter.  Professional cat sitters are devoted to the needs of pets, and they know what it takes to promote optimum feline wellness.

“I can’t say Blue Boy exactly loves the cat sitter,” Laurie said,  “But he’s stopped shredding the curtains since I started having her come by when I travel.  It’s hard.  He thinks he’s the king of the universe.  You can’t always give them everything they want – when work says I have to go, I have to go! – but you can make sure they have everything they need. Having a Hanover cat sitter has provided tremendous peace of mind.”

Norwell: Getting Fit With Fido?

Friday, September 16th, 2011

Running and playing with our dogs is a great way to introduce an element of physical activity into our lives. Fitness experts are in agreement that the best way to get someone up and moving is to make the activity enjoyable. What can be more fun than running on the beach with our dog, playing Frisbee in the park, or strolling around the neighborhood on a quiet Saturday morning?

Dogs make working out more fun by providing us with companionship.Throwing that frisbee around gives you a reason to get out in the sunshine and enjoy the park that you wouldn’t have had on your own.  A dog can be a great motivator. It’s hard to say “No!” to the big brown eyes that want to go out for a walk.

Sometimes we have to say no.  We can’t walk the dog when we’re at work, or when we have to travel for business.  Sometimes a health crisis can make it difficult to walk the dog regularly.  In those instances coordinate with your Norwell dog walking service.  By providing some or all of your dog’s needed exercise, you can ensure that your dog stays healthy while you’re on the mend.

Having your dog walked by a professional Norwell dog walker while you’re traveling can help reduce the depression and anxiety that cause some dogs to engage in destructive behaviors. Going for a walk helps alleviate a dog’s boredom.  You might not think that dogs get bored, but they do. It’s during the daily walk that your dog gets to see different scenery, engage with other dogs, smell the smells that are so much part of a dog’s information processing matrix, and get the mental stimulation they need to stay on an even keel.  Larger dogs need the room to stretch their legs and wag their tales without fear of crashing into furniture.

Marshfield: How Our Pets Soothe Our Stress

Friday, September 9th, 2011

Fashion week is coming. This is the time of year when the world’s best designers unveil the collections they’ve been working on for months. Careers are made – and destroyed – on the runway. It is a very tense time. Tempers are flying high.

How do fashion industry professionals handle the stress? For many, it’s the unconditional love they receive from their pets that keeps them going. If you’re looking for unmatchable devotion, it’s hard to beat having a cuddly canine companion. But as we all know, dogs aren’t fashion accessories! They’re living, breathing animals with regular needs of their own. Dogs must be fed regularly, receive plenty of fresh drinking water, go for a walk or vigorous play daily to maintain their health, and receive affectionate companionship.

How do the busy professionals of the fashion world balance the needs of their beloved animals with a demanding career that demands long hours away from home? Many use professional pet sitters.

In Marshfield, professional pet sitters provide the loving care and attention you would give your animals yourself, if you were able to do so. You don’t have to be a fashionista to have a demanding work schedule. Many employers are asking their employees to do more and more – meaning that valuable time for walks and pet care is lost.

If you have to travel for work, your Marshfield pet sitter can provide in home pet sitting. This means your dog stays in their comfortable, familiar surroundings. The pet sitter comes and makes sure that there’s food, water, and that any necessary medications are taken. Dog walking and play time help ensure your dog receives the socialization, intellectual stimulation, and affection that they need and deserve.

There are many ways that dogs benefit from Marshfield in home pet sitting. Generally, you’ll see a decrease in destructive behavior, scratching, and chewing. Dogs indulge in these destructive behaviors when they’re anxious or bored. Having a Marshfield pet sitter provide care alleviates anxiety and boredom.