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Hull Dog Sitters: Finding the Best Dog Sitter

Tuesday, August 30th, 2011

You’ve done it! You’ve made the decision to hire a dog sitter.  Perhaps you are going on a trip and need someone to watch the dog while you’re on vacation. Perhaps you have to go on the road for work for several days each week.
Hiring a dog sitter is the best way to ensure your dog’s physical and emotional needs are met while you’re away. It’s the best way to promote your dog’s overall health.  Congratulations on being a responsible pet owner.

Pembroke In Home Pet Sitting: Cage Free Comfort

Tuesday, August 30th, 2011

“When we first found Tigger and Bongo, they were sitting side by side in this little cage in the shelter. Our hearts melted – and when the shelter staff told us that these two had to be adopted together, we said absolutely!” Marianne and her husband Garrett took the two dogs into their home.  “And I told them that they’d never go into a cage again!”

Pembroke Pet Sitting: When You Travel

“This was a busy year for us. Our grand-daughter Skylar graduated from high school. That’s way down in West Virginia, but we needed to be there for that,” Marianne explained.  “The weekend after that, our other grandchild graduated – and that’s in Maine!”

Marianne and Garrett had traveled with dogs before, but now that they had two, “It just wasn’t an option,” Marianne said. Instead, the couple chose Pembroke in home pet sitting.

What is In Home Pet Sitting?

In home pet sitting involves a professional pet sitter taking care of your animals in your home. Pembroke in home pet sitting is available for both dogs and cats.  There are many reasons that people choose in home pet sitting. First, in home pet sitting allows your animals to remain in the situation where they feel most comfortable and at ease: your home.  This helps alleviate nervousness and anxiety, particularly among older dogs.

“I like the fact that I didn’t have to put Bongo in a cage,” Marianne said.  “Tigger doesn’t mind as much – he’ll go in a carrier when we have to go to the vet’s, but not Bongo.”  In home pet sitting means no boarding kennel cages.

To keep your pets healthy and happy, your Pembroke pet sitter will make sure they have enough food and water. Some animals need medication as well: talk to your Pembroke pet sitter about any medications your vet has your dog taking regularly. Dog walking provides much needed exercise, mental and emotional stimulation. Having an in home pet sitter ensures that your pets get affection and companionship while you’re away.

Hanover Dog Walking: Power to the Puppies!

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011

Did you know that puppies are some of the most powerful creatures on the planet?  It’s true.  What other creature has the capacity to stop a fully-grown, professional woman in her tracks – just because she wants to stop and pet the little guy? The toughest truck drivers aren’t immune to the power of cuteness: just the other day, we say the most adorable Samoyed puppy riding shotgun in a Peterbilt!

If you have a puppy, you know how powerful they are.  Puppies will disrupt your entire life.  Think about it: pre-puppy, if you wanted to put anything down: a book, a sandwich, the television remote – you could do so.  Once you have a puppy in your life, you know those days are over.  Anything you put down is fair game — after all, it *might* be a chew toy.

You may have a puppy. You also likely have a job, family obligations, and a social life that will mean you need to be away from the house sometimes.  Puppies aren’t the world’s best travelers – even the most accommodating hotel will have a hard time with the un-paper trained.

That’s where you need a team of puppy-friendly pet professionals.  Hanover dog walking is a great place to start.  Having a dog walker take your puppy out for regular, daily exercise has several benefits. Dogs aren’t born knowing how to behave on a leash: they need practice.  By going out with your Hanover dog walker, your puppy will learn valuable social skills.  The opportunity to interact with other dogs provides mental stimulation and valuable socialization.

If you need to be away from home for work or vacation, you need someone to watch your puppy.  Hanover in home dog sitting is the best choice for puppies. They can stay in a familiar environment, with the comfort of all of their favorite things, while still receiving loving care.  Your Hanover in home pet sitter will make sure your puppy has fresh food and water, is exercised regularly, and gets plenty of affection.

Norwell: The Stages of A Cat’s Life

Wednesday, August 17th, 2011

Why do we bond so closely with our cats? At least one researcher thinks it’s because a cat’s life cycle so closely mirrors our own.  When cats are first born, they are tiny, helpless kittens, completely dependent upon their mother’s care. Mama does everything. She feeds the kittens, she keeps them clean, and she snuggles with them so they stay warm.

If you have to travel away from home while your cat has small kittens, make sure to let your Norwell cat sitter know.  Cats with kittens have special dietary needs, including increased amounts of food and water.

This stage in your cat’s life mirrors your own infancy and early childhood.  As the kittens age, their behavior more closely resembles what you experienced in your teenage years.  There’s a lot of rambunctious behavior.  Some cats are adventurers: this is the time they like to climb the curtains or go exploring the great outdoors.

If you are traveling or on vacation while your cat is in this stage of life, your Norwell cat sitter will provide the valuable companionship and socialization an active cat needs. Additionally, in home cat sitting service makes sure your cat gets all of the needed food, water, and any medication.

Older cats closely resemble older human adults. They like their naps. They like their routines: the food goes in a certain place, at a certain time.  The drinking water needs to be in a certain place. There is a time for snuggling and affection, and a time to be left alone. When you talk with your Norwell cat sitter, let them know what your older cat’s normal routine is.  Avoiding disruption and upset is key to maintaining happiness in cats.

Yet at every stage in a cat’s life, there are some constants.  Cats offer their own form of unconditional love. The purr of a sleepy kitten, the gleeful antics of an adolescent cat, the regal stare of an aged queen  who might – just might! – allow you to feed her the best beef tenderloin: each of these moments are reserved especially for us.

Marshfield Dog Walking Services: Help When You Need It

Saturday, August 6th, 2011

“This is not my year.”  Katherine is clearly frustrated. “Work’s been so busy I don’t have time to see straight, my stress level is up to here, and now this.”  She glared down at her leg, encased in a case from mid-thigh down.  “Anyone else would trip in the street and maybe twist their ankle.  Me? A compound break that will take weeks to heal.”

Katherine sighed.  “It’s not even me that’s suffering.  It’s Miss Scarlett.”

At the sound of her name, Miss Scarlett, a three year old miniature dachshund, raised her head.

“No, Miss Scarlett.  We’re not going walkies right now.”

Miss Scarlett dropped her head back onto her paws. Katherine sighed.  “I hate disappointing her like this. Her walks were her favorite part of the day.  She looks forward to it so much.”

Marshfield Dog Walking Services

Miss Scarlett has access to a backyard, but the lack of walks is clearly showing.  She’s been lethargic, moping and whining far more than Katherine has ever seen.  “I had to do something,” Katherine explained. “So I hired a Marshfield dog walker.”

The Marshfield dog walker shows up each day and takes Miss Scarlett for a lengthy walk.  “The fact that there are other dogs on the walk turn out to be a real bonus,” Katherine said. “Miss Scarlett has really enjoyed playing with them.”  Dogs are social animals. Time spent playing with other dogs can help alleviate feelings of anxiety and stress.

Dogs need regular exercise to promote their cardio-vascular health.  Regular dog walking also has significant emotional benefits.  Miss Scarlett was depressed due to the change in her routine.  By hiring a Marshfield Dog Walker, Katherine was able to keep Miss Scarlett’s routine in place until she healed and could take her dog for a walk herself.

“Life can give us challenges, but there’s always solutions!”