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Pembroke Pet Day Care

Thursday, May 26th, 2011

“It’s not that Bella is a big dog,” Stephen said.  He wrapped his arm around the St. Bernard sharing the couch with him and gave her a big hug.

“It’s that she’s enormous!” his wife Delia said.  “Enormous and very enthusiastic about life.”

Bella’s nearly two years old, and has a lot of energy.  “She loves to run and play and jump up and give you kisses,” Stephen explained.  Not everyone in the world is comfortable with almost a hundred pounds of St. Bernard leaping in their lap.  This can make it difficult for Stephen and Delia to find someone to watch Bella when they travel.

“I’d asked my Mom, but she’s just too afraid of Bella.  Last time, she just stood in the doorway and sort of flung food into the kitchen for her.  I don’t think Bella had a drink that entire weekend!” Delia said.

The couple began searching for professional pet sitters.

Pembroke Pet Sitting: What Are Your Options?

When you’re considering pet sitting, you have two options.  One choice is to board your dog while you’re away.  Pembroke dog day care is a good option for dogs like Bella, who enjoy the companionship of other dogs and love to exercise.  Dog day care provides plenty of opportunities for running and playing. Your Pembroke pet sitter will make sure your dog is fed and watered.

In home pet sitting can be a better option for dogs that are nervous, who do not like to leave home, or who do not do well around other dogs. A professional pet sitter comes to your home. Dog walking services make sure your dog gets their workout and entertainment, not to mention companionship.  This relieves anxiety and keeps your pet safe.

“Bella loves doggie daycare!” Delia said.  “She’d go every day if she could!”

Cohasset: Taking Your Puppy To Dog Daycare

Sunday, May 22nd, 2011

No one really listens to anyone else, and if you try it for a while you’ll understand why.

This quote from Mignon McLaughlin may at first seem harsh, but if you’ve ever tried to get advice about the best way to introduce your puppy to Cohasset dog daycare, you’ll understand why.  Everyone is an expert, it seems, when it comes to the rearing of puppies.  You’ll get tons and tons of advice about the best way to raise your puppy.  How do you know who to listen to?  Here are some helpful hints:

  • Does the person have a dog of their own? Believe it or not, some of the most people who are the most opinionated about how puppies need to be trained don’t actually own a dog.  Some have never owned a dog! There’s value in real life experience.  Give more weight to advice from people who actually have a dog or two – especially if they’ve ever chosen to put their dog in daycare or have had their dog boarded.
  • If they do have a dog, how old is the dog? If it’s been a few years, the person giving advice may have forgotten the realities of living with a puppy – the constant need for attention, the destructive behavior, the depression and anxiety that puppies experience when they’re left too long alone.
  • Understand how your ‘advisor’ feels about pets.  For most of us, a puppy is a new addition to the family. We want to cherish them, spend time with them, and put effort into making sure they enjoy the highest quality of life.  Puppies have special needs. They need good nutrition, ready access to drinking water, and age-appropriate exercise.  A Cohasset dog walking service can help ensure your new puppy is getting the exercise they need.  If you take your puppy to Cohasset dog day care, you can rest assured that your puppy will have plenty of time to run and play – great for healthy growing bodies.

Norwell: Pet Sitting for the Anxious Dog

Friday, May 13th, 2011

“I never expected to get a dog. I guess you could say that Beverly found me, rather than me finding Beverly!”  Walter laughed.  “Now she’s got me wrapped completely around her finger.  I don’t know how I’d get by without her.”

Walter is semi-retired.  “I plan to take Beverly with me when I travel for leisure,” he explained, “but when I’m doing a consulting job, it’s just not appropriate to bring her along.  My clients aren’t the type to appreciate even the most adorable beagle.”

There’s only one problem with Walter’s plan.  Beverly doesn’t like to be left alone.  “She becomes very nervous and anxious…and you would not believe how destructive one anxious beagle can be.”  The last time Walter went on the road, Beverly consumed the better part of an antique umbrella stand.  “That came from my Mother,” Walter said.  “This time, I’m not taking any chances.”

Norwell In Home Pet Sitting

The anxiety Beverly experiences when Walter leaves magnifies when she’s being boarded.  “You can tell she just doesn’t like it,” Walter said.  “Beverly is a real homebody.”  Norwell in home pet sitting was the answer.  A professional pet sitter comes to Walter’s home daily to check on Beverly, providing the much needed companionship and security Beverly needs to feel at ease.  “And they give her her dinner,” Walter said, “and take her for a walk.”  Regular exercise is essential for a dog’s health and well-being. “If I wasn’t home most of the time, I’d hire a Norwell dog walking service to make sure Beverly kept healthy.”

When a dog is anxious, being left alone can trigger heightened levels of fear and nervousness.  Many dogs, like Beverly, manifest these feelings by being destructive.  They chew and scratch to relieve these feelings – which is great, if it’s not your antique umbrella stand they’re chewing on! Most of us don’t like having our furniture destroyed, so finding an alternate way to relieve canine anxiety is essential. In home pet sitting is one answer!

Hull: Finding A Pet Sitter You Can Trust

Thursday, May 5th, 2011

Hailey thought she’d found the perfect person to watch her cats when she went on vacation. “I was going to be gone for ten days, and someone from my office has a neighbor who loves cats. She said she’d be happy to keep an eye on Rainbow and George while I was away. I offered to pay her, but she said she didn’t want any money. What could be better?”

After a fun week in the sun, Hailey returned home to find that Rainbow and George were gone.  “I’m talking missing.  Absolutely not there. I searched the house from top to bottom. When I called this lady, there was no answer on her phone.”

Frantic, Hailey tracked down her co-worker. “She went with me to her neighbor’s place. It was the strangest thing. The woman wouldn’t talk to me at all, only to my co-worker – and she told her that I wasn’t getting my cats back. She said I was too irresponsible and selfish to have pets. We wound up calling the cops!”

After the police came, it turned out that Hailey had run into an animal hoarder. “This woman had sixty-four cats in her home, not counting my two.  She really thinks she’s saving them from some horrible fate – but that house? It was really not good.”

Now that Hailey has Rainbow and George back, she knows what to do.  “You’d better believe I’m going with a professional Hull pet sitter! I don’t care how much it costs. I want the assurance of knowing my pets are cared for – and that I’m going to have my cats when I get home from vacation!”

Hull Professional Pet Sitting Services

In home pet sitting services are ideal for people like Hailey, who go on long vacations far from home.  Working with a professional who understands that they’re there to care for your animals, giving them food, water, medications as needed, and companionship – not ‘rescue’ them from any imaginary threat, provides peace of mind.

“Check references,” Hailey advised. “You want to work with a business, and not just some random individual.  I was lucky and got my cats back.  But I won’t be taking chances anymore!”