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Cohasset Puppy Pet Sitting

Friday, March 25th, 2011

Puppies are awesome. They’re fabulous furry fun, adding joy and happiness to our lives. But as any Cohasset puppy owner can tell you, puppies need a lot of love and attention. There’s a lot of learning to do when you’re a puppy: learning when and where you can go to the bathroom, learning what you can and can’t chew on, learning how to occupy the long, lonely hours when the beloved owner is away at work.

When puppies are left alone, they get into trouble.  This isn’t because they’re badly behaved or have poor attitudes: it’s because puppies are too young to know any better.  As you begin training your new puppy, you have to be realistic about what a young dog can and can’t do in the course of a day.

Cohasset Dog Walking Services

The long stretches of day where a puppy’s owner must be away are tough.  One way to address these hours and ensure optimum health and socialization opportunities for your puppy is through the use of Cohasset Dog Walking Services.  Having a safe, reliable, trustworthy individual come and take your puppy out for a daily walk allows your puppy to expend some of that endless energy.  Exercise develops healthy muscles, strengthens joints, and more. Being around people and other dogs from day one makes it easier for your puppy to learn how to get along with others – super necessary if you want to travel with or socialize with your puppy involved!

If you have to travel and can’t bring your puppy with you, Cohasset in home pet sitting services are the answer.  Puppies need the comfort of knowing someone is nearby. Your puppy will be fed and watered, vital to keeping young canine bodies healthy.  Your puppy always wants your companionship most of all, but for the times you can’t be there, in home pet sitting service is essential for your puppy.

Hull Dog Day Care: Putting Spring in Older Dogs Steps

Monday, March 21st, 2011

If you think dogs can’t count, try putting three dog biscuits in your pocket and only giving the dog two. Our dogs are clever creatures, and they get wiser with every single day they’re alive. Owners of older dogs know the special joy that comes from having a canine companion that knows a thing or two – and yet who still exhibits bursts of puppyish energy and enthusiasm.

The Health Crisis For Older Dogs: Older dogs face some unique health challenges

Are Dog Owners Healthier?

Friday, March 18th, 2011

They say that necessity is the mother of invention. Apparently, necessity is also the midwife of fitness. If the results of a recent study are to be believed, dog owners are healthier than the rest of us – and that’s because of the sheer necessity of taking our dogs for a walk, out to play, and otherwise enjoy the fresh spring air.

Our dogs need a certain level of physical activity to stay healthy. Sometimes this can be difficult. Mona R, a Scituate native, ran into difficulty after she needed hip replacement surgery. Her recovery wasn’t as fast as she might have hoped – and it certainly wasn’t fast enough to suit Bessie, her 2 year old Corgi!

“She wanted to go out and play, and run, and do all the things we usually did,” Mona said. “I felt really horrible, because I just couldn’t do it! Even when I could get up and moving, I was using a cane for a while – and that made walking Bessi really difficult.”

Mona found a solution in Scituate dog walking services. “For that time when I was recuperating, having a professional dog walker was a god send. They’d come by the house every day and pick Bessie up. Off they’d go, and she’d have a good long walk. Sometimes there’d be another dog with them, and Bessie really enjoyed the companionship. She got the exercise she needed, and I was able to let go of feeling guilty about not healing as fast as I might have when I was younger.”

Once Mona was back on her feet, the services of her Scituate dog walker still came in handy. “I had a wedding to go to out of state,” she explained. “In home dog sitting was the best choice for us. Bessie doesn’t travel very well. She could stay here where she’s more comfortable – no car trips for her! And she was walked and exercised every day.”

What To Do With Your Dog When You Go On Vacation

Sunday, March 13th, 2011

God invented wine, man invented ibuprofen – you do the math.  This quote from one of the world’s great party animals reveals one of the biggest challenges pet owners face: what should you do with your dog when you go on vacation?

Sure, pet friendly resorts and destinations are great if you’re planning a family-friendly getaway full of early morning strolls and tours around the antique market, but if you’re planning to party a little harder than that?  You may be in no shape to get up and walk Chauncey your poodle with a pea-sized bladder if you’ve been pounding down margaritas for seven of the past eight hours – and the eighth hour was spent persuading the room not to spin quite so fast.

It’s not Chauncey’s fault! Not all vacations are pet friendly.  Not all dogs are great travelers, either.  Some are real homebodies.  Take them too far away from familiar settings, and increased anxiety and nervousness can result.  Dogs that have nervous dispositions may not enjoy hanging out in noisy places, surrounded by smells, people, and other animals they don’t know.  What can you do?

In home dog sitting service is the best answer! Allow your dog to enjoy the comfort and familiarity of their home environment – no uncomfortable changes or unfamiliar dogs! At the same time, your Pembroke dog sitter will make sure your dog is fed, watered, receives necessary medications, and is walked and exercised every single day you’re away.  Your dog will receive the necessary companionship and attention they need to be happy and safe.

You can enjoy your vacation worry free! Getting away from it all to have a good time and recharge your batteries can be the best decision you make all year.  It’s amazing how much easier it is to face life’s challenges when you’ve had time in your life to enjoy yourself and relax.  When you come back from vacation, you’ll find that Chauncey is happy and healthy, having had excellent care.

Great Cat Toys on A Budget

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011

Embrace Your Creativity!

Cats are very open minded. They love to play and will happily play with things that you might never expect – even items that aren’t ‘regular’ cat toys. The caps from a two-liter bottle of soda or the plastic ring that seals a jug of milk or OJ shut are traditional favorite cat toys. It doesn’t cost anything to crumple up some newspapers or aluminum foil and toss it where the kitten can play with it.

Cats love to explore and investigate.  Keep them mentally stimulated and encourage their physical activity by adding items to your household for them to check out.  A simple cardboard box may not seem like a whole lot of fun for us, but if you leave it unattended, your cats will be all over it. Climbing on the box, jumping in and out of it, hiding inside the box, and seeing if the box can be tipped over or moved can occupy an entire day for curious kitties.

Change objects often – after all, you don’t want to leave cardboard boxes hanging around your house for weeks on end!  Other objects that provide safe, inexpensive fun for cats include empty paper bags and empty coffee cans.  Put another object inside the coffee can – tops from a soda can work great! – and put the top back on.  Your cat will have a fabulous time rolling the can around.  This is a noisy toy, so you’ll want to put it away when you need some sleep!

Hull Cat Sitting Services

Cat owners who have to travel away from home often have a great deal of anxiety.  Who will take care of their cats? Cat sitting services are the answer.  Your Hull cat sitter can make sure your cat is fed, watered, and receives medications, if needed.