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Dog Day Care South Shore Mass: What Your Pet Wishes You Knew This Holiday Season

Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

A Dog’s Secret Wishlist

The holiday season is here. Like many South Shore Massachusetts dog owners, you may be thinking about getting a few little gifts to put beneath the tree for your canine companion. But what does a dog really want? Are those petite sweaters and personalized dog dishes really making your dog any happier?

If you want to make your dog truly happy this holiday season, you want to tune into what your dog wants the most. It’s time to understand his wants and needs.

Here’s what your dog would say about those wants and needs, if he could talk:

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Hanover Doggie Daycare: Keeping Your Pets Safe

Saturday, November 27th, 2010

It’s a dangerous world for dogs out there!  Just a simple glance at today’s headlines reveals the potential perils facing your beloved pooch, if he’s out and wandering on his own.  In San Francisco, a golden retriever fell thirty feet down a well, to be rescued by fire fighters.  In Austin, Texas two dogs had to be rescued from icy East Side Lake.  Across the nation, animal shelters are reporting that they’re filled beyond capacity – some are perilously close to being unable to rescue any more dogs who have gotten lost, separated from their families during the coldest days of the year.

Why Do Dogs Get in Trouble?

Reading these stories, speaking with pet owners who have had dogs get into similar situation, and being a dog owner yourself will make it clear: if there’s a way for a dog to get themselves into trouble, they will — particularly if they’re alone, bored, and unsupervised.  Some dogs are escape artists. It doesn’t matter how tightly the door is shut, the gate closed, and every window shut, these dogs are going to get out on their own and go exploring — but that’s where the danger is!

How Hanover Doggie Daycare Can Help

Many of us are forced to leave our dogs alone for hours at a time. They’re home while we’re at the office, picking up the kids from school, running errands, and, especially during the holiday season, spending time with family and friends.  A dog who is alone and bored is a dog who goes looking for company and excitement – and all too often, they find it.

A safe way for your dog to find company and appropriate levels of excitement is by attending doggie daycare.  Filling in the long hours while you’re in the office by playing with other dogs, exercising, and playing with the doggie daycare staff will keep your dog happy and in shape – and safely at home!

Vladimir Putin’s New Puppy, Pembroke Dog Walking Services

Wednesday, November 17th, 2010

Vladimir Putin has a new puppy, a Bulgarian shepherd dog that he received as a gift from Bulgarian Prime Minister Boiko Borisov.  As you can see from the picture, he’s absolutely adorable — but he doesn’t have a name.

The Russian people have been invited to select the name for the three month old puppy. Suggestions are being collected on the government’s website, and soon we will all know the new dog’s name.  Vladimir Putin is well known for his love of dogs: his black lab Connie has accompanied the Prime Minister for over a decade.

Adding a New Puppy to the Family

New puppies need a lot of love and attention.  While a dog lover like Putin has no problem spending time playing with, training, and caring for a new puppy, the truth is that his busy schedule can make that difficult.  Many people share his plight, even if they’re not leading one of the world’s largest countries.  Sometimes our puppies need us the most when we’re not able to be there for them.

Dog walking services and doggie daycare can help you successfully introduce a new puppy into your life.  Doggie day care can provide the critical companionship and socialization a small puppy needs so they don’t experience any feelings of abandonment or anxiety.  Using a dog walking service ensures that your puppy gets the exercise and companionship they need.

Pembroke Dog Walking Services

Older dogs need regular exercise and companionship too.  Our dogs may appear to calm down as they get older, but make no mistake – even the most mature dog needs to get out and moving regularly. Fresh air, the mental stimulation that comes from being in an outdoor environment, socialization with other dogs and people, and the other benefits of regular exercise means your dog will enjoy a longer, healthier, happier life!

What Pets Live The Longest? Doggie Daycare For Long, Healthy Lives!

Wednesday, November 10th, 2010

What types of pets live the longest?  That’s a good question to ask before you pick out a puppy, kitten, or goldfish to join your family.  Every family is different, and you want to have some basic information before you take on the responsibility and commitment to an animal.

Not every family, for example, is prepared to take on the 75 year relationship that tortoise ownership entails.  Parrots live, on average, 20-25 years, although there are many well publicized examples of the colorful birds living much longer.

What about men’s best friend?  Life expectancy for dogs varies by breed and size.  Smaller dogs typically live longer than large dogs.  The average lifespan is just under thirteen years.

Of course, we all want our canine companions to live long and healthy lives.  What goes into making sure we have our dogs with us as long as possible?

Hanover Doggie Day Care

Dogs are social animals.  They enjoy being around people, following us through our daily routine, playing exciting games of Frisbee and catch, and at the end of the day, sleeping nearby us as we slumber.  Unfortunately, our modern lifestyles mean that many of our dogs spend a great deal of time alone, as we’re off at work and the kids are in school.

Being alone for long periods of time can introduce stress and anxiety into your dog’s life.  Some dogs become depressed when they’re isolated.  This can manifest in a number of ways: destructive behavior, aggression, lethargy, or forgetting what they knew about being housebroken.

Doggie daycare can be the answer.  By providing your dog with a safe, enjoyable place to spend the hours while you’re at work or away from home, you’re providing them with opportunities for socialization, both with people and other dogs.  Additionally, they get more exercise and tend to follow a better diet than when they’re home alone.  Destructive behavior is minimized, and anxiety is alleviated.

Do Cats Make Us Happier? Norwell Cat Sitting

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010

Thirty three percent of all American households have at least one cat. That’s news that will surprise no one in the Norwell area, home to many cat lovers.  Why do so many people love having cats around?  There’s no arguing the numbers: there are sixteen million more pet cats than dogs in this country.  What accounts for the feline’s popularity?

Cats Make Us Happy

Why do we keep cats around?  It may be as simple as the fact that feline companionship feels good.  There’s the obvious feel-good benefits of watching kittens cavorting or snuggling up with a purring puss.  Then there’s the stealth benefit, where it turns out that caring for a cat benefits our own health.

Researchers have discovered that caring for a cat can improve a person’s morale.  They have  a more positive outlook on life.   When we care for a cat, we tend to take better care of ourselves as well.

Norwell Cat Sitting Service

There are many dimensions to caring for your cat.

There’s caring for their physical health.  This includes making sure they have a healthy diet, lots of fresh water, and a place to exercise — if and when the spirit moves them; cats, unlike dogs, prefer to create their own fitness routine. Regular check ups with the vet and great grooming are also essential.

Then there’s your cat’s emotional health.  Cats are creatures of habit. They have a strong preference for stability and routine.  That means that most cats won’t really enjoy going on your vacation or business trip with you.  Instead, consider cat pet sitting.  Cat pet sitting involves allowing your cat to remain where they’re most comfortable — in their home — while still receiving the superior care that you, yourself give.  A cat sitter will make sure that your cat has food, water, and receives any medications they may need.  They also provide that valuable companionship your cat needs to alleviate any anxiety and confusion.  Pet sitters help keep your cat happy so your cat can help you be happy, too!

Pet Sitting South Shore MA: Creating Happy Holidays

Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010

Halloween marks the beginning of the holiday season. From here on in, most of us have schedules simply packed with festive dinner parties, gift exchanges, and guests arriving from near and far to share the special season with us. This can all be wonderful – but it can all cause a lot of stress, for you and for your pets.

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